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7 Predictions How AI will improve Cybersecurity in 2020 and Beyond

Cyber security

The cybersecurity field is evolving at a rapid pace. The impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are improving cybersecurity’ progress. You can consider these impacts in the form of real-time data and analytics. These impacts help in building stronger business cases that are helpful in getting higher adoption rate.

On the other hand, the cybersecurity spending could reduce costs or increase revenues. That said, the perception is going to change in 2020 to certain extent. Here are 7 predictions how AI will improve cybersecurity in 2020. These predictions are:

1.      Consumers will take control of their data and privacy in 2020

During the past few years, we have seen some of the most alarming data and privacy breaches which have made it essential for users to be adopt safe and privacy-affirming online behaviors. But, the tables have turned in favor of consumers. The organizations have to emphasize on privacy to remain relevant in business. As a result, consumers can own their data that suggests they can share it with third parties. Moreover, they can get their data back once they share it with them. However, they have to use VPNs which anyone can pick from the list of top VPN reviews when they want to secure both their data and privacy.

2.      AI tools will improve in identifying Cyber threats

The stakeholders will use their financial resources to detect cyber threats through artificial intelligence (AI). This is how companies can adopt AI as a part of their cybersecurity strategy in the right way. In recent times, AI has turned out to be a next big thing in security.

Unfortunately, hackers have started using AI to a great effect. They are spreading polymorphic malware that changes code on a continuous basis. They can bypass other security parameters like facial security and spam filters too.

The good news is that AI can protect infrastructure. You can integrate it in different protection tools like network intrusion and fraud detection as well.

3.      Artificial intelligence will become more influential in account takeover

Consumers will accept that passwords are unable to protect their accounts. Likewise, Captcha will not be dependable as it may expose the actual identity of users to hackers. Hence, they can confirm if the user who is attempting to log in is a bot or not.

Through AI, you can identify a returning user. Furthermore, it allows companies develop meaningful relationship with their account holders.

4.      We will fight AI with AI as cybersecurity threats will increase with the passage of time

Cyber criminals execute cyber-attacks by the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. By doing so, they can access to crucial business systems and data. Thus, IT security companies have to keep themselves up all the time to counter such tactics.

5.      There is a need for greater machine learning to combat supply chain corruption in 2020

Executives will have to learn the concept of machine learning in detail during 2020. Hence, they will be able to combat supply chain corruption issue in the right direction. In this scenario, you cannot undermine the importance of AI too. It will also help companies identify corruption in supply chain to certain extent.

6.      63% organizations are planning to deploy AI in 2020 to improve cybersecurity

During 2018, only one in every five organizations had used AI (artificial intelligence). But as of now things have changed. If we talk about 2019, companies have finally realized the importance of AI. So, they have prioritized different areas like data security, network security and others. It means two in three organizations will use AI technology in their cybersecurity systems by the end of 2020.

7.      AI and machine learning will prevent compromised hardware finding its way into organizations’ supply chains

The risks of hardware supply-chain attacks are increasing. This is because compromised hardware is adversely influencing organization’s supply chains. Apart from this, demand for cheaper chips is rising and as a result, businesses like hardware counterfeiters and cloners are expanding day by day.

Besides, the current situation is also enticing cyber criminals to accomplish their notorious objectives.  Therefore, the role of artificial intelligence alongside machine learning will become crucial in countering such problems in 2020.


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