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Smart and Powerful Tools That Will Make Your Study Interesting


If you are a student, you would be interested in knowing about the ways and tools that can make your study easy and interesting. You already know that the internet and technology have significantly changed the way things were done so far. Everything is being revolutionized with the help of smart devices and the internet. This includes the field of education as well. Digital learning has entered into the system changing the old ways to be smarter and more effective in the interest of both students and teachers.

Digital learning comprises various tools that can be used online and offline, technologies, and the internet. They are collectively making a whole new environment where the process of transferring the knowledge and teaching new skills and techniques has become speedier than it was ever before.

Here we have discussed some powerful tools for students and teachers that will make your study interesting.

Tools for students

Digital learning can be more beneficial with student-friendly and easy-to-use tools and apps. In this section, we have discussed some of the top tools that can make studying interesting for students.

1. Scratch

This tool uses music, graphics, and photos in combination to create fun and engaging learning programs like games, slideshows, and animations. It can be easily shared in student groups making it popular for flexible learning.

2. Quizlet / Quizlet Live

Quizlet provides two types of tools. One is Quizlet which allows teachers and students to create their own learning material in many ways including diagrams and flashcards. These materials can be shared with others. The other is Quizlet Live which provides quiz features for in-class use.

The material created with Quizlet can be used in the class to make it more engaging and interactive so that students can be actively involved with it. This type of learning session requires concentration and communication to win the game thereby increasing interest and curiosity among the students.

3. Notability

This is an app for taking notes that can include pictures and documents. You can also highlight the text for quick reviews later. Another great feature of this app is that you can also share your notes in PDF format to any device. This app can also open the highlighted texts from Kindle books. This makes important study very easy and saves the time that you would be spending in organizing the notes and highlighted texts for later review.

4. Google Classroom

Google provides many useful social tools, and this is one of them. It’s a great tool that makes study-related communication with teachers and other students easy. Students can post questions and teachers and other fellow students can answer.

It can also be used by teachers as a tool to aid learning. Teachers can post questions and lessons for the students to work on at home. This tool can also work with other Google tools like Google Forms that enable teachers to collect feedback from students.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization providing short lessons in video form online. Its website also provides activities and challenges to test your talent, skills, and knowledge. Anybody can learn anything for free. Students can earn badges that will be displayed on their profiles. This is a motivating factor and encourages more learning.

Teachers can also benefit from this service as they can use the video lessons and activities as a supplement to the study program. Those with a good understanding of a particular topic or subject can also be asked to help those struggling with the same. If used in collaboration within the educational organization, this tool can help bring great results and make study interesting for the students.

Tools for teachers

Digital educational tools are designed by considering the need for aiding smoother academic activities, testing processes, and administration making study interesting for the students. Check and use with pleasure:

Here are some of the most popular and powerful tools that teachers and educational institutions can use to improve the process of teaching and academic administration.

1. Socrative

This tool provides the features with which teachers can create interactive exercises, games, and tests for the students. Students can engage with it using their mobile phones, tablets or laptops and teachers can access their results and reports for an individual student and an entire class. Based on that, teachers can know the areas where the teaching process needs improvement or modification. Accordingly, they can customize their future teaching sessions for better results.

2. TED-Ed

What if students and teachers with the help of animators and people with good ideas can create lessons that are not only interesting but also inclusive of their experiences and suggestions? TED-Ed is the tool built exactly for this purpose. The good thing about this tool is it allows active participation of teachers, students, and other people with various skills.

3. Thinglink

This is an amazing tool that allows teachers to create interactive visuals with sounds and texts that can be shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. It can be used to boost curiosity and engagement from students. Learning and knowledge sharing becomes full of fun and interesting with this tool.

4. ClassDojo

This tool provides a feedback feature that can be used by teachers to help students improve in terms of their behavior in the classroom and involvement in the study process. Students get reward points for their good performance and positive attitude in their studies.

The tool also allows instant and real-time feedback and points feature to motivate better results from the students. The reports of overall performance, behavior, and interaction with the learning process can also be shared with administrative staff and parents as and when needed.

5. Kahoot!

Creating questionnaires, surveys, and discussions that can be conducted like a game making them loved by students is what this tool provides. Considering these features, this is among the top and most popular tools for teachers. Playing games and learning lessons can take place at the same time in the classroom. Educational institutions can create a creative and enjoyable educational culture that ensures increased engagement and brings higher results.

Tools and apps mentioned above are among the many available online and can significantly improve teaching and learning. Some can be used individually, while some require group or organizational level coordination. In both cases, they help achieve better results when used well.


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