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The Direction of Connection: How to Connect a Mac Computer to Your Android Phone

mac to android

Accessing your computer apps on the go sounds like a dream, but it can happen! Click to learn how to connect Mac to Android and access your computer anywhere.

Can you connect software and hardware from different brands?

With Android, you are free to connect with almost everything, but that comes with the price of being more vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Mac may not be as likely to get viruses because of their security protocol, but this sometimes leads to limited options especially when it comes to sharing stuff.

There are workarounds! You can now connect Android to Mac without worries! You can even remote control two different computers even when you are miles away. This will make your work so much easier and more accessible.

Do you want to learn how to connect Mac to Android? We can help you with that!

Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Android File Transfer

Do you wish to transfer some files and pictures to your Mac? Android File Transfer is a good starting tool. It’s one of the most known applications for transferring files and media from Android to Mac

Here’s how to use Android File Transfer:

Click on the app ‘Android File Transfer’ in your Mac but if you don’t have it, you can download it from the App Store.

Plugin your phone using the USB cable and connect it to your Mac. A window will pop out with a ‘Can’t access device storage on your Mac. Go to your Android phone and select “allow” when you see the notification to allow access.

If that notification doesn’t show, scroll down on your notifications bar. You will see something with different variations of “charging this device.” Tap on that notification and find the file transfer option.

A window containing all your files and media will show up. The file arrangement is quite straightforward and simple to use. Navigate around and drag the things you want to get a copy from your Android to your MacBook.

This is the quickest and simplest method to transfer files. In many ways, it’s like accessing the folders on your Android device directly on your Mac.

  1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most infamous software for remote access. It can connect different devices and software like Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android. And the best part is you can perform a remote desktop connection to Mac.

It’s completely free for personal use but you can’t use it for commercial or business purposes. As long as you are getting money from using it, you need to pay for their monthly subscription. Other than that, you are free to use it whenever you want.

You can download the software from their site and choose it depending on your operating system. After that, you can now follow the steps to connect the devices:

  • Go to the application and start TeamViewer
  • Go to the Remote Control panel
  • Sign in
  • Give your ID and password if you want other devices to get access to yours and vice versa

Don’t worry, the password will change without a specific pattern depending on how you adjust your settings.

TeamViewer has features like chat or video call while the remote control is going on in the background. This is useful if you want to work from home and you have a desktop that you can’t take home. You can even use this to show your friends how to perform something on their computers.

  1. Mac.remote

The convenience of a remote is all about convenience and mobility. How about a mobile application to remote access your Mac?

The app also works for iTunes, VLC, Keynote, Spotify, and other multimedia apps. Mac.remote and Mac only need to have the same WiFi network to be functional. You’ll also see the applications that you can control on the left side.

Once you’ve decided what to use, you can play, pause, next and go back whenever you want. Notice the ‘I’ in the middle and you can click that to see the name of the file currently playing.

To connect an Android device to your Mac:

  • Go to the System preferences and Sharing
  • Turn on Remote Login service
  • Launch the application on your phone, then log in to your account

If you want to disconnect, click on the 3 dots on the lower-right of the screen and select disconnect.

  1. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is a remote app that doesn’t limit how many times you can connect to a computer. You can connect to the Mac computer without network configuration. It’s also free and doesn’t need a paid license for use.

Creating an account or starting a free trial for VNC Viewer:

  • Go to the sign-up page of VNC Viewer

Choose what subscription to use for 30 days ( Professional or Enterprise)

  • Fill up your email form
  • Create a password then answer the personal information you need to fill out then you’re good to go

If you have an account already, follow these steps:

  • Go to your smartphone and log in with our account
  • Click the plus sign on the lower right to create a new connection.
  • Look what is the address of your Mac computer
  • Fill it in the forms.
  • You can name the computer whatever you like.

It should connect the Mac computer to your mobile without problems.

After that, make sure that your Android got the application downloaded either from the official website or Play Store. Sign in with your email and check it to verify that it is you who got signed in. Because you never know when your account might get hacked.

Know-How to Connect Mac to Android

These are the ways you can connect the different devices to work together for you. Now you know how to connect Mac to Android to send and save files from but it doesn’t need to end here!

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