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How to Cut Costs on Your AC Bill This Summer

How to Cut Costs on Your AC Bill This Summer

Summer is heating up quickly, leading meteorologists to say this may be the hottest year since we’ve been able to keep a record of it.  We don’t want that heat in our homes, though, and we don’t want to have to deal with the cost that comes from keeping it out.  Here are some cost-effective ways to keep your temperature down without having your electricity bill go up.

Use Your Windows

Although we’d like to keep the weather outside, there are some instances you should open your window.  After dark, open multiple windows.  This step will create a cross breeze that will lower your home’s temperature, even if the outside temp reads higher.  During the day, keep all of your blinds closed, especially if they’re facing the sun.  This step will prevent any unnecessary heat from seeping in.  If someone is dying for sunlight, let them have their blinds up but keep their door closed, so the temperature stays contained.


Your home is multiple compartments of rooms that have their base temperature.  Your laundry room, if it doesn’t have windows, maybe two to three degrees cooler than the rest of your house- while your bedroom with a balcony could be steaming hot.  Close every door in your home, and it will allow large rooms like living rooms and kitchens to cool off faster.  Unfortunately, it does mean that your bedroom may be too hot to enjoy during the day, but at least it will ensure the rest of the home is more refreshing.

Your AC Unit

Is your air conditioner running the best it can?  Check to see when your air conditioner’s filters were changed out, and if the system itself needs to be cleaned or maintained.  If your unit seems out of date, look into an air conditioning installation company that can help you.  If your system is out of time, it could be sucking up a lot more money than necessary to keep your home cool.  You may save money on electricity in the long run by buying a different unit.

If You’re Not Home, Turn It Off

If you’re planning to be away from your home for an hour or two, and it’ll be empty, turn off your AC, or push the temp up to 80 degrees while you’re gone.  This option only works if you’re gone for long periods.  Lowering it while you’re gone will reduce the cost enough that you can crank it higher if you’d like it when you’re home.  Please don’t do this for short periods, or it won’t be cost-effective since the AC will have to work overtime to lower it down again.

Small Other Steps

There are a lot of little things you can do to help lower the temperature of your home.  Don’t cook in the oven during the day. It can quickly raise the temperature of your home.  Avoid running the clothes dryer during the day.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to make your home ice-cold at all times, but little steps can add to a big picture that leaves your home a little more bearable.


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