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Flying During the Pandemic? Here’s How You Can Stay Safe

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Due to the global pandemic, foreign travel was put on hold. With the vaccine around, movement between countries has finally picked up again. We discussed everything that would keep you safe when in the air.

Don’t Fly Commercially

You’re better off not flying commercially. Renting a private flight is thankfully not as expensive as you’d imagine. If you’re thinking of hiring a private jet rent from , its rates are the most affordable.

The safest private jet should be large, as there would be more room to move about. The ventilation would be better as well.

Wash Your Hands

On a commercial flight, there are several other people flying with you. Although they wouldn’t have been allowed onboard without having tested negative for COVID-19, their results might’ve been false-negatives. Constantly washing your hands would reduce the chances of the virus being on them.

Keep Your Hands from Your Face

Let’s talk about your hands again. Right after you washed them, you unfortunately touched something that had been infected. This would cause you to get sick, when you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Basically, keep you hands away from any orifice and wash them thoroughly.

How Humid Is the Plane?

You might not know this, but if the environment you’re in is super humid, you’d be able to fight COVID better. That’s because the excess moisture would result in the mucous membranes of your nose, eyes and mouth not drying out.

Newer Boeing airplanes have come with humidity features. Speak to the airline you’re interested in, and ask them if you’d be flying in such a setting.

If that’s not the case, you can try and drink more water. And something else that would keep the membranes moist would be nasal spray. In fact, specific nasal sprays to combat the Corona Virus have been produced. You might want to check them out.

What Does Your Government Say?

The country you’re trying to visit may not be safe; it could be experiencing a surge in cases. If you go through your government’s immigration and emigration page, you’d find a list of nations you’re not advised to visit. If you don’t listen but visit anyway, you might not easily be allowed back home.


Try and get the vaccine before you leave. It’d help you stay. Just know that 100% safety is not guaranteed, as all COVID vaccines are not 100% effective. The Pfizer option is 95% effective, the Moderna one is 94% effective, Sputnik V is 92% effective and the AstraZeneca option has a rate of 70%.

Let’s discuss everything that was touched on. Flying during the pandemic is something people can do again. But it’s still dangerous, as you’d be surrounded by many strangers. To keep your family the most secure, you would not fly commercially.

You’d also be safe by getting vaccinated. You might be under the impression that it’d be 100% effective, but know that this isn’t the case.


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