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The Pros and Cons of a House Inspection


House inspections have become a must do chore for someone who is up for buying, selling or renting home lately. House inspections reveal many things about your house, from structure to fittings, all that you need to know about a house.

House inspection has become an utter requirement for both the seller and buyer in recent past. People trust inspectors so much that they are not willing to perform any business without the final report from a certified inspector.

We know that when it comes to house inspection, certain questions may rise in your mind. We have dedicated todays’ post to answer all these questions. We will discuss how much a house inspection costs, what is included in a house inspection, and pros and cons of getting your house inspected.

So, without further ado, let’s start discussing the topic briefly, starting from what is included in a home inspection.

What is included in a home inspection?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “House Inspection” must be what is included in a house inspection? And how an inspector does inspect the house? Usually, the house inspection report consists of a 10 point checklist, which the inspector marks or sometimes assigns numbers, on the basis of which a report is generated for your house. This checklist must have the following sections.

  1. Build quality or age of construction
  2. Seasoning wooden interior
  3. Damaged plaster or paint
  4. Clogged gutters or sewerage system
  5. Perfect foundation
  6. Any leakage in pipe fixture
  7. Cut or broke wiring
  8. Any seepage of water from anywhere
  9. Water tank condition
  10. Any fungus on the floor or walls

On the basis of these factors, a home inspector will make an inspection of your house and generate a report that helps in buying, selling, or renting property.

Pros of getting a house inspection

Getting a house inspection has become mandatory in the real estate industry these days, and we know this is for a reason. Let’s discuss the pros of a home inspection.

Find out the actual condition

By getting a house inspection you get to know the actual condition of your house. Many people think that it reveals the truth about the property and they won’t get a good price for their house, but that’s not true. Getting your home inspected at such a low cost won’t affect your sale prospects, rather this attracts more potential buyers towards itself.

Get realistic quotes

The next thing that falls into the pros of getting a home inspection is you get realistic quotes. Estate agents or home-buyers get to know the actual condition of your home and despite beating around the bush they come up with a more realistic price quote. This helps you sell your property at the most accurate and suitable price.

Seamless experience

For every home buyer that comes for a visit, you have to accompany them. This hustle can be minimized by getting your home inspected in the first place and showing them a report from a verified inspector. This will reduce your efforts and minimize the stress of selling your home.

Upgrade your property

The home inspection report, as discussed above, gives you an idea of the actual condition of your home. By knowing the actual condition of your home you can figure out the areas where it needs improvement. Like, if your house needs retrofitting you get it done beforehand. This will not only make a good impression on the buyer, but also it will improve the prospects of selling your home earlier than usual.

Cons of getting a house inspection

Where there are pros of anything, there also are some of the cons of it too. Let’s discuss the cons of getting a house inspection before listing your property for sale are;

Pay for a house inspection

The first thing that is considered to be a con of getting a home inspection is you need to pay for the home inspection. Many inspection firms charge hefty amounts for the business they do, but there are also companies working in the market that do not charge a lot for the same chore.

Depending upon the condition of your home and location, you can have to pay somewhere between $300-500 for getting a home inspection done. In our opinion, this price is not very much against the benefits it provides.

Disclose the results

Another thing that is considered as the con of home inspection is that you’ll have to disclose the entire major to minor issues that your property has. While this is not a con itself as you yourself get to know about the actual condition of the house and get it repaired beforehand and avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Finding the right inspection firm

For someone living in an underdeveloped or developing area, finding the right company to get your home inspection is a difficult chore. It requires a lot of time and energy to invest and puts an additional cost on you while there still are many expenses. But if you are residing in a good housing society like Rudn Enclave this won’t be a big deal for you as you’ll find a reputable organization that does this chore for you in the vicinity.


Getting a house inspection before selling your property has both pros and cons. But, the pros of getting it done often overshadow the cons as it reveals much of the information before selling your house. This makes the whole process of buying, selling, or renting a property a little more hassle-free and seamless. In addition, if you were constantly renting out the property and now you have made a decision of selling it then getting a home inspection before selling becomes mandatory, as many occupants have resided there and there can be much damage that’s done to your property. So, if you haven’t scheduled a home inspection before selling the property, get it booked today and have that peace of mind you deserve.


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