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3 Important Steps To Improve The SEO of Your WooCommerce Store


It is indeed an enormous task to set up an eCommerce store. Also, it takes great effort to sell. Ideally, you need to spend a lot of money to promote your products. However, with a proper SEO for your eCommerce store, you can get relevant traffic to your eCommerce store and sell. In this post, I’ll explain 3 Important steps to improve the SEO of your Woocommerce store.

Before going into details, it is important to mention that the methods I’ll highlight in this post will be peculiar to WordPress users, especially those with Woocommerce stores.

Let’s start.

1.  Buy Yoast Premium Plugin

If you want better SEO Result for your eCommerce Store, I recommend the Yoast Premium Plugin. It costs just $89 per year.

Although the Free Plugin can do a lot, you won’t get the desired result if you really mean business.

How will the  Yoast Premium Plugin help your eCommerce store? You will be able to optimize your product (description) for more than one keyword. This means potential customers can search and find one of your products via multiple keywords. You cannot achieve this with the Free Yoast plugin.

But how do you get the keywords that you can optimize for a particular product? That brings us to the next step.

2.  Keyword Research

Keyword Research is very important to SEO. It is even more important if you have an eCommerce store.

Why is keyword research important to e-commerce SEO? It helps you to optimize your products for good visibility on the Search Engines. The best part is that your product will be in the faces of people already looking for your product.

There are many free and paid keyword research tools but for the purpose of this discussion, I’d highlight only 2 free tools.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Surfer – This is a Free Chrome extension primarily used as a keyword research tool. It provides Search volume of key phrases and also suggests related keywords.

Ubersuggest ( – Is a complete SEO tool. Keyword Research is just one of its functions. The free version is limited to only 3 searches per day.

How To Use Keyword Research Tools For eCommerce SEO

  • Identify the most important keyword in your product and search for it on any of the keyword research tools. For Keyword surfer Chrome extension, search your keyword on Google (with the chrome browser) to get results.
  • Note the Search Volume. Prioritize Keywords in direct proportion with their search volume.
  • Select the top 5 Highest in terms of Search Volume
  • Use the Keyword With The Highest Search Volume As the Focus Keyphrase in your product description.
  • Use The Other 4 Keywords As Additional Key Phrases.

3.  Buy Yoast Woocommerce SEO Plugin

Don’t get confused. The Yoast SEO Premium Plugin is different from the Yoast Woocommerce SEO.

The Yoast Premium helps you optimize more keywords for Blog posts or product descriptions. Meanwhile, the Yoast Woocommerce SEO Plugin is specifically built for Woocommerce Stores. It provides a rich enhancement for your products on the search engines. The plugin helps to complement the work of the Premium plugin.

In essence the Yoast Woocommerce SEO plugin helps to pass some technical SEO communications to the search engines. It somewhat tells the Search Engines to treat your Products as Products (not blog posts) on Search Results.

Final Thought

SEO is the best form of marketing. Why? It is very much sustainable unlike running ads. Invest your time and some money in SEO now.

So, if you have a Woocommerce Store, apply these methods to improve your SEO.

But if you have not started any (online) business at all, you can consider starting a profitable Soccer Jersey Business. Then launch your Woocommerce store and apply these methods.



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