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7 Great Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

Best Medium Length Hairstyles

Most of us give equal priority to our bodies and skin, keeping on stuffing various beauty products into the bathroom vanity. What about the hairs? They often get overlooked and one rarely experiments with the hairstyles on a routine basis.

If you have medium-length hair, you can directly relate to the post. Those having such hairs can feel the dryness and curves. We make them more damaged by using heat tools. A simple step to take care of your hair is to comb the hair after waking up and clutching hair elastic around the wrist. But doing a regular hairstyle seems boring and you may feel some hair inspiration or hairstyle that can be a quick hair-do in the early busy mornings.

Check out the simple and easy hairstyle for medium-length hair on busy days!

  1. Go for a volumized low pony

Ponytails are always in the trend and among the easiest ones! Not much effort is needed and it works great on almost every style. Since here we are talking about medium-length hair, it serves the purpose here too!

How you can achieve this look is by parting the front of your hair down the centre and stroking the rest back so that it gets into a ponytail shape. The next step is to prepare it with an ample mousse that works from root to end. Further, taunt your hair with a brush and keep your focus on the crown and roots to get the volume look. Make the ponytail adjusted at the neck collar and sleek down the edges by using any specific lightweight gel.

  1. Low Bun Hairdo

If you have middle-length hair, here is a tip for you. Since medium hairs do not have much to do with updos, a low bun can work to look great with your hair. Keep some of the hair strands to wave in the breeze for a messy look.

How to get that look is by creating a middle part down the scalp centre by using a tail comb. Now brush the hair back with a bristle brush by moving the snub angle from temples to get some lift. Combine the hair spray and hair oil and apply them to the head crown. Now create a low ponytail with small elastic, you can apply more oil and shine spray to the ponytail with your hands, then do the brushing. Connect other elastic to the bottom, get it twisted, and coil it into a bun. Stack a bobby pin into the base and use a spray to finish the look.

  1. Textured Topknot

Next is the textured topknot which looks great to medium-length hair. This is a great hairstyle when you are between washes as it comprises the texture and gives a quick hair-do.

When working on this hairstyle, remember that not all long hair is enough to be settled into the top knot. Instead of this, you can try a half-up & down knot. Round up the longest hair strands into a free bun at the top of the head. The down hairs can be styled up with a slight bend. If you have natural curls, you can skip this step.

  1. Full Curls

Shoulder-length curls are always a sign of definition and shine. Those who naturally have it know the value. Or you can get natural curls with a heatless hair curler available which doesn’t damage your hair. Curly bangs always make you look fabulous even without doing anything.

The curly hairs are generally dry and need to be moisturized. Go for a moisturizing curl enhancer to achieve a soft hold. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb your products and twist sections to air dry or disperse.

  1. Slight Accessory

 You will not get many options with medium-length hair; you can use accessories like claw clips for thick hair or jewellery items to grace up a simple hairstyle. A low bun with a jewelled butterfly can work for your hair!

  1. S-Shaped Waves

They are super easy to achieve with a flat iron and work great with middle-hair length due to the less weight. There are natural as well as lived-in textures when it comes to middle-hair waves.

Make a small amalgam either with a curling or flat iron wave and avoid the traditional curl. At least, you will get a couple of days out of your style. When you are done with the wave creation, use a styling product to get help in defining the curls throughout the hair. Next, you can do dry scrunching with hair with a low speed or medium heat. This sets the wave!

  1. Messy Side Braid 

The braid can also give a stylish look to your hair. A braid is all about bringing volume to hair and losing pieces hanging free from the braid. This will work great on the layered hair strands.

The process to start is by dividing your hair on one side before loosely braiding your hair and getting it secured with elastic. You can also add a little volumizing mousse during the process and make sure that they are light & non-sticky. You can try this super cool look to get a different style than regular!

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