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How To Increase The CRS Score In Express Entry

The immigration system of Canada is known as one of the most advanced in the world. This system was initiated in 2015 to filter the aspirants on the basis of their skills. In this way, they get the filtered and best employees for the Canadian labor market and this is the best way to secure Canada permanent resident visa in Delhi.

Before launching Express Entry, Canada has Experience Class, Skilled Trades Class, and Skilled Worker Class immigration system in which the candidate had to submit the applications which were accepted or rejected on the basis of first come first serve. However, this system resulted in a backlog of unmanageable applications. Moreover, there was no filter to judge the skill of the applicants.

Express Entry replaces this system and comes up with an excellent Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) where every candidate has to submit their profile. Generally, every two weeks, the Federal Government sends the Invitation To Apply (ITA) to the highest-ranking candidates under the above-stated programs.

How does the CRS work?

It has been said that, as the CRS is a dynamic system, there is always a chance to improve your profile. If you don’t do so, then you may miss your scope to get the ITA. There are many things that can improve your CRS drastically. For example, the Provincial Nomination can result in additional 600 CRS points.

So, here we will discuss all the hidden factors that will improve your CRS score.

Before that, you have to make sure that you have claimed all the possible points. You have to check every area of the assessment to ensure that you have not left any potential factor that can improve your scope. You have to check with the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi to know about it.

  • Siblings Points: Many people don’t know that if you have a brother, sister, or even spouse living as a citizen or permanent resident in the country; then you can secure extra 15 points for that. However, the relationship of the applicant and the resident must be established by blood, adoption, marriage, or common-law partnership. So, in case you have any relatives in Canada then you will get 15 extra brownie points.
  • Canadian Education: For the candidates of Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades programs; this method is applicable. Apart from that, no other candidate has to submit the Educational Credential Assessment. Through this, you can claim up to 200 CRS points for education. The education factor is worth 150 CRS points but you can add 50 more points from Canadian work experience.
  • Second Language: If you have proficiency in English, then you are eligible to apply but your expertise in French will increase your chance. In case you are capable of communicating in both English and French, then you can secure extra points. To prove your efficiency, you may have to seat for the IELTS to claim the full points for the language.



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