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A Quick Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin From an ATM

Are you interested in using a Bitcoin ATM?

In most cases, people buy Bitcoin using their credit cards online. It allows them to get their Bitcoin immediately without any trouble. It might make you feel discouraged buying Bitcoin with cash.

However, buying Bitcoin from the nearest Bitcoin ATM is convenient and less invasive. In this guide, you’ll learn how to buy Bitcoin from ATM. Read on:

Find a Bitcoin ATM

After deciding to buy Bitcoin with cash, find the closest Bitcoin ATMs in your area. Go to bytefederal.com to start your search. As soon as you get to the website, they will use your location settings to show nearby Bitcoin ATMs.

Refine your search further by entering your address or zip code manually. It will display the ATMs’ locations, contact information, and distance from your address. It’s a convenient way of learning your options.

Use the Bitcoin ATM

Before going to the Bitcoin ATM, you must download the Bitcoin wallet app to your device. It allows you to make a Bitcoin wallet receiving address beforehand.

Once you’re at the ATM, tap on the option to buy coins. The process for each machine may have slight variations. Worry not, since most machines follow the same buying process.

The ATM will ask the amount of Bitcoin you’ll buy. After that, verify yourself with your mobile phone number. You’ll receive an SMS message for confirmation.

You’ll also choose where to send the Bitcoin. Here, you’ll enter your wallet receiving address. Use the Bitcoin Wallet app and tap the “Receive” option located on the top left.

You can either type out the new address or scan the QR code. If you choose the latter, hold it up to the BATM for scanning. Follow the on-screen instructions like holding the QR code four to six inches from the scanner.

After the machine finishes scanning the QR code, confirm the address in your wallet. Ensure it’s the right one before moving forward. Insert any cash amount as long as it meets the allowable amounts.

Once you finish the transaction, the machine prints the receipt. You’ll receive the Bitcoin in your wallet in a few minutes.

How Safe is a Bitcoin ATM?

Crypto transactions are anonymous, making them perfect for shady activities. It’s why you might feel concerned with the safety of Bitcoin ATMs. Can someone hack the unit?

The answer depends on the neighborhood. If you use machines with high crime rates, shady activities are something to worry about. Even so, Bitcoin ATMs are secure, especially during transactions.

No hacking tools exist to compromise your information while using the ATM. Some claim ATM malware exists, but it only disconnects the machine from the network. It doesn’t affect your information.

Learn How to Buy Bitcoin from ATM Now

These are the steps on how to buy Bitcoin from ATM. Use them for a more secure method of getting cryptocurrency today.

However, it’s best to diversify your portfolio. Learn about other cryptocurrencies soon.

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