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Which Chipmunk is Getting the Best Head?

In the famous Who gets the best head argument, which chipmunk is getting the most heads? One of the chipmunks getting the most heads is Simon, who is a heterosexual finance major. Alvin, who is also a savvy businessman, comes in second place, and some people aren’t sure which chipmunk has the most head. In the contest, Alvin wins, while Simon has the second-best head.

Which chipmunk is getting the best head? A picture of Alvin and the Chipmunks was uploaded on the Rule 34 website, with the caption “Who’s getting the best head?” Many people wrote elaborate captions, stating why they think Alvin got the best head. But which one’s getting the best head? This isn’t a fair comparison. Consider the pros and cons of each chipmunk, and decide for yourself which one is better.

Who’s getting the best head? Which chipmunk is getting the best head? The two chipmunks are brothers and have some things in common. But who has the best head? It is Alvin, who has the most heads, while Simon has the least. The other chipmunk is Simon. In the first movie, Alvin gets the best head. He is the smartest one of the three.

Which chipmunk is getting the best head? In the viral photoshopped image, which chipmunk is getting the best head? Who has the best head? In the second season, Alvin and Brittany have the best heads. They are both weak suckers, so Theo has the worst head. While Brittany is the oldest, Theodore is the youngest. He’s the favorite of Eleanor and Jeanette.

In the third film, which chipmunk is getting the best head? The first-season episode, Alvin, and the second-season show, Alvin, and Simon are popular. But which one is getting the best head? The most popular chipmunk is Simon. But who’s getting the most head? Theologians are the chipmunks of the first season. But which is the best head?

What is the best head? The chipmunk’s head is the one that has the most brains. It is also the chipmunk who gets the most brains. A good head will have a good head and will have the strongest head. Theodore is getting the best nut, and Simon is getting the best head. Theodore is probably the coolest in the crew, so he is the one getting the most heads.

Which chipmunk is getting the best head? This is a difficult question to answer. Ultimately, which chipmunk has the biggest head? The other two are the nerdiest. Simon is a nerd. While Jeanette is the coolest of the two, Simon is the smartest. Moreover, Alvin has the most brains. He has the highest intelligence, but Alvin’s I.Q. is north of Einstein’s

Theodore is the smallest of the two, and Alvin is the tallest. Both have a big heads. Theodore is the smallest chipmunk and is the oldest. Both of them are cute. Theodore is the youngest of the two. He has the best nut head. He has a small penis and wears a dark blue top. He has the smallest penis.

Similarly, the chubbiest chipmunk, Alvin, has a huge head. He is bigger than Jeanette and has the most chubby head. However, his eyes are also a little more adorable than the others. This means that he is the sexiest and chubbiest of all the chipmunks. The other chipmunk, Simon, is also the most popular. In the animated film, he falls in love with Jeanette. Despite the fact that he is the cutest one, he is jealous of Jeanette.

Regardless of the chipmunk, Brittany is the most popular Chipette. This is the only one who gets the best head. But Brittany, the shortest of the two, has the most popular girlfriend, Alvin is the most dramatic. Although Brittany is the most attractive, Alvin often overreacts to situations. While Brittany may be the smallest, Alvin’s overreaction is often intended to boost his girlfriend’s ego.

Chipmunk is Getting the Best Head?

Which chipmunk is getting the best head? The picture that went viral was posted by the website Rule 34, and the caption, “Which chipmunk is receiving the best head?” was quickly picked up by internet users. Some wrote elaborate captions to match each of the two chipmunks, while others just looked at the picture and wondered what they could see. Here are some of the most interesting results.

There are two main candidates for the best head, Theo and Alvin. While they are both good at their jobs, they both have some pros and cons. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of each chipmunk to determine which one is getting the best head. And we’ll conclude with a follow-up article. This post will cover the pros and cons of each contender. The question is, which chipmunk is getting the better head?

While both Chipmunks are enjoying their sexual encounters, Simon’s is clearly the better choice. He is the most logical and calculated of the two, and is the quietest. In addition, he is the smartest and most prudent of the three. Nonetheless, Alvin is getting the best top, and Simon is the hopeless romantic. Whether you prefer one over the other is a matter of opinion, but we can’t say either of them is a loser.

In the original version, Alvin is the more popular of the two. While Brittany is the newbie, Alvin is the leader. And, Alvin is the naughty chipmunk, but Brittany is the smartest. The three Chipmunks – Simon, Brittany, and Alvin – competed for the title of “best chipmunk” after winning the competition. However, the winner was the naughty one!

While the three chipmunks are all cute, Simon is the most concerned, and Jeanette is the eldest. He is the youngest of the three and has a crush on Brittany, the oldest. He is the lead singer of the Chipettes. Unlike the other two, Simon is in control of his body. He has his feet up in the air and is engaged in the oral activity.

While Simon’s clone has more charisma, Alvin has the best head. He is a British rapper and songwriter. He is the only one who was born with a higher I.Q. than Einstein. He is also very funny and gets along with Jeanette and Brittany. But which chipmunk is getting the best head? Neither of them can make up his mind.

Theodore’s head is the best. He is the most open of the three, but the other is a little more secretive. Theodore is the chipmunk who has the biggest head. It’s also the only one who is able to eat the most nuts. He is the one who gets to eat the most nuts in the whole world. Theodore is the only one who gets a good head from Alvin. Theodore is the only one who has a bad head.

The two chipmunks have completely opposite personalities. Theodore is the smallest and has the smallest penis. He is the smartest, while Eleanor is the shyest. Theodore is the nerd. His self-esteem is low. There would be the one to perform fellatio, while Eleanor is the most conservative. Theodore is the middle child, while Simon is the youngest.

The two chipmunks are not able to make friends. They don’t trust each other, but they are infatuated and unpopular. Theodore and Simon are the best partners. But who is getting the best head? Luckily, Alvin has the perfect personality for a chubby chipmunk. In the meantime, Theodore and Simon are the most unpopular.

In the animated movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” Alvin and Theodore are the two chipmunks who get the best heads. They are the ones who get the most heads. As a result, the two chipmunks are usually the most compatible. The first one, Theodore, is the most romantic of the two. The other, Simon, is the most openly affectionate. They both love Theodore, while the other has a rocky relationship with the other.

In recent weeks, a picture of chipmunks with the best heads has been circulating on the internet. In the image, we can see Simon, Alvin, and the moon, each of which has its own head. In the caption, people write in-depth analyses of the picture. One Redditor, mariotimes2000, wrote a long defense of Simon.

Whether Alvin or Theodore, which chipmunk has the best head depends on the caption written by the people who posted the picture. Theologians, Alvinists, and Simonists all have different opinions, so you need to weigh each in order to decide which one has the best head. A simple question will help you determine which chipmunk has the best head. However, you should also consider the pros and cons of each chipmunk, as each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

The chipmunk with the best head is Theo. The best head is Theodore. Alvin loves Brittany. Theo is the “smart one” and he’s also the squeaky one’. Theo seems to be getting the best head, but Eleanor loves Alvin, and the best son is Simon. In this case, Theo is the most popular, while Alvin has the worst.

Theodore is the smallest of the three and a gentle soul. His head is covered with hair. In fact, he looks very much like Theodore. He has a beautiful, expressive face. And it doesn’t matter which one he is, as long as it’s getting the best head, he will get the most oral sex. If you’re curious about which chipmunk is getting the best head, take a look at the image.

What does the best head look like? Well, it’s all about the chipmunk’s head. The chipmunk is the only one with a good head, and he isn’t afraid of the other two. He’s confident enough to talk to anyone. The only thing he doesn’t want to do is to make love. He can’t help but kiss.

Despite his good looks, Alvin’s head is probably the best, but he’s the most regal of the three. Unlike the other chipmunks, Alvin’s head is the tallest, but his legs aren’t. The head of the chipmunk, however, has a big effect on his appearance. He has a huge impact on the way he reacts to a person. Besides, he is the most popular member of the crew.

Interestingly, Theodore is the oldest of the chipmunks, and he’s the only one with a head that’s more voluminous than his partner. While he is the smallest of the two, Alvin has the smallest penis. He’s not the only one with a large head. If he doesn’t have the best head, then he has the most ears.

In the first season of Chipmunk Adventure, Alvin and Jeanette have the same head, but Simon has green eyes. He’s the youngest of the three, while Alvin is the oldest, and wears blue-patched sneakers. While the chipmunks are both chubby, Theodore’s head is the most delicate of the three. This is not surprising, as both are equally chubby.

There’s an interesting situation with these chipmunks. Both the big boys are getting the best heads, while the little girls are getting the best heads. The girls are giving their heads to the big ones, but they’re a bit awkward. Simon has to take control of Jeanette while Simon’s head is falling. But in the second episode, the two girls are working together to get the best head.

The other chipmunks are not as cute as the other two. But they’re both cute and funny, and their love lives are based on their relationships. They can also get into trouble if they don’t have a good relationship with the other chipmunk. They are not likely to have a good time with the other. They’ll do what they can to protect their girlfriend, but they won’t let the other one get away with it.

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