Wednesday, June 7

Miley Cyrus Lyrics When I Look at You

Miley cyrus lyrics when I look at you that has made it a point to sing a wide range of musical styles, from pop to country. When I Look at You is no different. Its main melody begins with a hushed piano tone, and it features an electric guitar solo. Its length is four minutes and eight seconds, and it is classified as a power ballad. The words to this song will make you smile, no matter what your mood is.

The original version of “When I Look At You” was performed by Spanish singer David Bisbal. The song was featured in the romantic film “The Last Song” (2010), starring Veronica “Ronnie” Miller and Spanish actor José Luis Gutierrez. Since then, the song has appeared in three different music videos. This article will discuss the lyrics of “When I Look At You.”

When I look at you by Miley Cyrus is one of her most popular songs. This song has been featured in three music videos, two of which feature Veronica “Ronnie” Miller. The other version features Spanish singer David Bisbal. It was also featured in the romantic movie “The Last Song” (2010). The lyrics for this song are very relatable to anyone who has ever dated someone.


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