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The Nightmare of Mensis Level Guide

Nightmare of Mensis

Nightmare of Mensis Guide

The first stage in the Nightmare of Mensis is the first boss in the game. The player must kill the Shadows and win a bonus battle. The second boss is a much harder challenge. The Shadows are based on the shape of the body and can be easily identified. The main objective of this level is to find and equip a Torch. The next boss is the Chime Maiden. The player needs to defeat the Chime Maiden in order to obtain the Blood Stone Chunks. In this quest, the player must use the Make Contact gesture to defeat the creature. The final fight is against the Blood Stone Chunks, but luckily, the Monster does not fight back and has a lot of health.

Nightmare Frontier Lamp

In order to defeat the Nightmare Apostles, the player must use a torch on the lamppost. This will trigger a cutscene, but you can also kill them yourself. You can also kill them by using a lever on the side of the building. Once you have killed the Demon Lord, you should get the lanterns. They will drop a lantern in the Middle Loft. To activate the lantern, you must roll over the platform on the floor.

Brain Of Mensis

Once you have killed the Brain of Mensis, you can go to the next area. To reach the next boss, you must use the Moon rune to activate the Blood Rock. Afterward, you will need to defeat Mergo’s Chief Attendant. To do this, you need to find the Moon rune. By doing so, you can gain access to the Mergo’s Atants. The Mergo’s Chief Attendant is a boss that can be killed with 10 Sedatives.

How Do You Get Out of Nightmare Of Mensis?

The Nightmare of Mensis can be accessed from the second floor of the Lecture Building after you’ve defeated The One Reborn. This level is familiar to players who have already traveled through the first floor, as the hallways above the second floor are full of Mutated Students. They will wait for you to drop Sedatives to complete the quest ahead. After defeating the boss, you can now enter the room with the Nightmare Apostles.

What happens if you kill the brain of mensis?

The first part of the Nightmare of Mensis is relatively safe to pass. After defeating The One Reborn in the Yahar’gul Chapel, you must go to the second floor to reach the Brain. A bird cage elevator will take you to a pitch-black room where you must kill the Brain of Mansis. You will need to be careful while riding the elevator. As you can see, the first boss is located in the middle of the bridge.

What Are Mergo’s Attendants?

The Moon rune is obtained after defeating the Brain of Menesis. Afterwards, you’ll need to reach the Blood Rock. It will lead you to the area where the Mergo’s Attendants first appeared. The Chief Attendant is the first of the Mergo’s Attendants. Once you’ve killed her, you’ll need to kill the Mergo’s Head to gain access to the brain.

How Do I Stop Micolash Arcane Attacks?

The host of the nightmare is Micolash. If you have a good stance, you can easily interrupt his attacks by using any weapon. For example, a sedative can keep Frenzy at bay for a while. Then, you can use the summoning bell and the Mid-Loft lantern to attack the Giant Lost Child. This can be done by avoiding the spawned enemies in this area.

Winter Lantern Bloodborne

During the Nightmare of Mensis, you can use the summoning bell to kill the Brain. The Winter lantern is a dangerous enemy. You should be aware of its presence when you enter this area. To avoid it, make sure you have an open path. Aside from this, you can also use a sedative. The middle lantern is a great place to collect Sedatives. After killing Micolash, you can go to Mergo’s Loft to obtain the Nightmare of Mensis.

How Do You Get The Bold Hunters Mark?

The Nightmare of Mensis has many enemies. The Nightmare Apostles are a particularly tricky foe. They have an AOE attack that will kill them in a few seconds. They are located on the side of the room where the player can easily reach them. If the player doesn’t have an armor, they will be unable to use this weapon. However, they can use the Bold Hunter’s Mark.


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