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Any reason to hang onto Vicar Amelia’s Gold Pendant Bloodborne

gold pendant bloodborne

In Bloodborne to hang onto Vicar Amelia’s gold pendant bloodborne Guide is a Miscellaneous item that increases your damage when you fight monsters. This item can be obtained by defeating Vicar Amelia. It grants you 12.7% more damage against beasts, which is useful in the battles ahead. Another use for Gold Pendant is to interact with the glowing skull on the altar in the Grand Cathedral. It triggers the game’s most bizarre cutscene. But be careful when you use it!

Consumable Items

The gold pendant bloodborne is one of the consumable items in Bloodborne. The gold pendant is the only way to obtain a blood gem, which fortifies your weapons. The gold pendant can be obtained after defeating Vicar Amelia and is dropped by the Vicar. It has engravings on the inside, so you cannot store it in NG+. However, you can use it to craft a Gold Blood Gem. Having a Gold Pendant will help you get the Gold Blood Gem.

Enhance Your Attacks          

The Bloodborne Gold Pendant is the best way to increase your damage in Bloodborne. The pendant  obtained after defeating Vicar Amelia, which is the first quest in the game. The pendant contains a gold Blood Gem that will boost your damage against beasts and increase your attack power. This item is only used once, so it is a wise investment. Once you have enough of this item, you can equip it to enhance your attacks.

Defeating the Vicar Amelia

In Bloodborne, you can obtain a Gold Pendant by defeating the Vicar Amelia. Once you have defeated the Vicar, you will have an access to a Gold Blood Gem, which increases your damage against beasts. A Gold Pendant is the best way to obtain a Gold Blood Gem, but you can’t keep it in NG+ unless you are ready to sacrifice it. You can make a Bloodborne Gold Pendant to use in battle.

Game Currency

In Bloodborne, the gold pendant is a consumable item that will give you an extra Blood Gem. You can get this by defeating the Vicar Amelia, and you can also use it to create Gold Blood Gems. A Gold Blood Gem will increase your damage against beasts. The gold pendant will not kept in NG+. In the game, you can buy the Bloodborne Gold Pendant at the Healing Church for 10 in-game currency.

Access to Gold Blood Gem

The gold pendant is one of the consumable items in Bloodborne. It will give you access to a Gold Blood Gem, which will increase your attack power. The Bloodborne Gold Pendant will not kept in NG+, but it is useful for crafting other gems. If you find it while playing, you should take it as it will strengthen your weapons. If you are a good hunter, you will need the gold pendant in order to fight beasts.

Same Effect

It is an essential item in Bloodborne Gold Pendant. It has obtained by defeating Vicar Amelia, and can be used to make a Gold Blood Gem. A Gold Blood Gem will increase your attack power against beasts and is needed for the first level. But if you don’t have it, you should make sure you use it. If you have an old pendant, it will have the same effect as a new gold pendant.

Pendant is Important

You can obtain a Gold Pendant by defeating the Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne Gold Pendant. This pendant is important because it will let you acquire a Gold Blood Gem. A Blood Gem is a consumable item, so it is vital for your character. And it is also important for your character. If you have a Blood Gem, you should not worry about it. If you have enough of them, it will enhance your attacks against beasts.

Climbing Ladders and Exploring the Sewers

Bloodborne Gold Pendant has also needed to make a Gold Blood Gem. You can acquire the Gold Pendant by defeating the Vicar. This is essential because it will increase your attack power against beasts. A little girl is located in Central Yharnam. You can collect it from her after climbing ladders and exploring the sewers. A pendant doesn’t affect the game, but it will enhance the strength of your enemies. This is a great way to earn a new weapon.

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