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Facial biometrics are everywhere; Here are Some Global Use Cases

Facial biometrics

There are plenty of sectors that are now employing Facial biometrics are everywhere; Here are Some Global Use Cases solutions to overcome hacking threats and improve assistance. The era of AI-based facial recognition kickstarted in 2010 when the systems were capable enough. Quoting an instance reported by Reuters, the not-so-easy to catch Osama bin Laden was identified in 2011 through facial recognition technology. The sector most widely using this tech is security and surveillance due to their delicacy of work. Following it is banking and finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and media-related sectors. 

Professional gains

This is not it the machine learning-based face identification system is changing everyday lives in more than one way. An instance is from India, where politicians are using deep fake software to swap Facial biometrics for personal or professional gains. Therefore, every sector is in dire need of facial verification. 

Sectors using Online Facial Recognition Technology

The Facial biometrics recognition technology can cure more than one issue ranging from illegal acquisition to criminal activities. As per MordorIntelligence, the facial recognition technology market is expected to grow up to $11.62 billion by 2026, however, it was valued at $3.72 billion in 2022. Some prominent use cases include almost all the sectors that have gone online.

Safety and Surveillance

The security and protection of the citizens are the foremost responsibility. As seen in the records from around the world there are more than a lot of phishing attacks in the systems. Here fraudsters try to steal fragile information to threaten the overall security of the corporate world. There, Facial biometrics recognition machine learning software are what the industries need. 

Financial Sector

The financial sector is serving as the goldmine for the criminals. How? They create fake bank accounts by taking hold of documents with some changes in the documents. The frauds that fall into this category are identity theft, account takeover, money laundering, illegal or fake transfers, terrorism sponsorships. Hence, the banking sector is most in need of this technology for authentic onboarding. 

E-Commerce Industry 

You can not avail seamless payment experience because the e-commerce industry is employing Facial biometrics identifiers. Still in shock and wondering how? The main advantage of this is that the chargebacks have gone lesser along with the prevention of other types of frauds like fake addresses. Adding to this is the enhancement of customer experience that increases the credibility and worth of merchants. 

Law Enforcement Sector

The most crucial and the most vulnerable too is the law enforcing sector. Some criminals are cunning and so sophisticated that they escape most commonly, by changing identity. This makes it tough for the law enforcers to catch the big fish. But, by holding on to the facial verification systems they can readily identify the criminals even if they are behind the layers of plastic surgery.  

Healthcare Sector

In the trend of adopting facial verification, the healthcare sector is in line with the rest of the sectors. They can now easily onboard the patients with some clicks. This has so happened due to the rise in identity theft in this sector that cost the patients their insurance and other benefits. Furthermore, by employing authentic Facial biometrics recognition, healthcare providers can prevent fraud and illegal use of prescriptions. 

Benefits of the facial recognition technology

It is when the AI and ML-driven solution paved their way to boom. These are not just some vague concepts, the technologies they have come up with are irreplaceable. The foremost and most widely used is Facial biometrics verification which provides various benefits. 

Non-invasive Verification

The AI-driven solutions are fast and require minimal human effort. That is so as it does not need face-to-face interactions rather the photo on the ID card, passport, or real-time selfie will do the task. Here, the people won’t have to line up and wait for their turn. So much so, companies use this tech as a substitute for written passwords and two-way or three-way authentication. Face verification technology is the game-changer because fraudsters can not fool it with static or swapped photos. 

Enhanced Security 

As previously mentioned, the law enforcement sector is the most in need of more and more improved solutions. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is vowing to identify the 97% of passengers flying from elsewhere by using a face identification system. As per NBC, US cities are using this very technology, for instance, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Moreover, airports can be made less intrusive by employing facial recognition machine learning technology.

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