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Here Are the Best Employers in Bellevue, Washington


Strength of New Companies

While Seattle has the tech industry, Bellevue is thriving on the strength of new companies. Salesforce, eBay, and T-Mobile have all found a home in the city. Facebook has even bought a six-acre complex in the Spring District, where they also have their headquarters. Recently, ByteDance planted its flag in Bellevue, too. The city is growing at a fast clip, with median income increasing 22% over the last decade. And with its education-based population, it is no wonder that a lot of employers are choosing to open up operations here.

Bellevue has Experienced a Dramatic Shift

In the last decade, Bellevue has experienced a dramatic shift in employment. After a period of stagnation, the tech sector exploded. Many tech talent from the Eastside began moving to the city. During the 2000s, the city grew rapidly. Amazon expanded to South Lake Union, bringing unprecedented wealth to the region. But the company was also a source of gentrification and poverty. During that period, Bellevue’s population declined by more than 40%. As a result, many neighborhoods remained poor, including Capitol Hill and Belltown.

Growing Tech Sector

In addition to the growing tech sector, Bellevue has thriving commercial districts, with four major malls. The downtown area has Bellevue Square, Factoria Mall, and Crossroads Mall. On top of that, there is also the Overlake Shopping District, a large area with dozens of boutiques. In 2006, Bellevue was ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States, based on the per capita rate of violent crimes.

Bellevue is the Economic Heart of The Area

Located in the Seattle region’s Eastside, Bellevue is the economic heart of the area. Its central location has made it a prime location for high-tech suppliers and engineers. The city’s downtown also features more open space and amenities compared to downtown Seattle. Free parking is a huge plus for executives of high-tech companies – in contrast, downtown parking in Seattle’s Columbia Tower can cost $36 per day.

Bellevue Downtown is Well-Equipped

Currently, the Bellevue downtown is well-equipped for new businesses. The city has more public open space than downtown Seattle, making it a great place to work. Additionally, the city has ample space for housing and parking. In fact, there are over six million square feet of office space in the Downtown. For those who live in the area, there are plenty of businesses that want to locate here.

Fastest Growing Sector in The Seattle Area

As the Seattle region grows, it is becoming more important to hire locals. The tech industry has become the fastest growing sector in the Seattle area. There are numerous large companies and startups in the city. For example, Amazon, a global online marketplace, has relocated its headquarters to the Seattle metropolitan area. Despite the competition, there are still several local companies that are hiring in the area.

Interested In a Career in Technology

If you’re interested in a career in technology, Bellevue has a lot to offer. There are many different fields and industries. For example, software development has become a major industry. The city is home to a number of internationally renowned companies, including Expedia and Microsoft. The population is growing rapidly, and many people have moved to Bellevue to pursue their dreams.

Strong Presence in Bellevue

There are many companies with a strong presence in Bellevue, including the world’s most popular video game company, Sony. The city has a vibrant downtown, which has a lot of amenities. Attractive firms are located near the waterfront and have access to public transportation. For employers, it is important to understand what is available locally in the city. In addition, there are many jobs in Seattle.

Excellent Reputation

The city has an excellent reputation for the quality of its schools and the quality of the jobs available. In addition to the Bellevue public schools, there are also many private schools. There are numerous private school systems in Bellevue. The Seattle Public School District is the largest employer in the city. However, many companies are in the same industry. It’s important to know what is available in your community.

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