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Ryan Garcia Wife Inspiring Moments Since The Beginning of his Career

Ryan Garcia Wife

Ryan Garcia was born in the United States on August 8, 1998. His parents are Henry and Lisa Garcia. His father is one of his trainers, and his mother works as a personal assistant. He has four siblings and one younger brother.

He began his boxing career at the age of seven. He was signed to Golden Boy Promotions in Los Angeles, California. He is now an interim WBC lightweight champion. He defeated Luke Campbell on January 2, 2021. His victory was a TKO. He has a daughter named Rylie.

Ryan Garcia Wife is a famous boxer. In addition to being married to Drea, he is also the father of two children. In December 2016, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. The two later announced that they are expecting their second child in March 2019. They have one daughter, Rylie, and are preparing for a third. Their relationship has been a long and intense one. According to reports, Ryan is also dating a new girlfriend.

Ryan Garcia Wife is Expecting Their Second Child

The reality star has never been married and is not married. However, he has been linked with a lot of girls during his career. He has two daughters with Drea and has three girlfriends. As of May 2018, Garcia is engaged to Drea Celina. In the following months, the two are reportedly expecting their second child. Although the couple is not officially married, they are in a relationship and are planning to get married soon.

Garcia Began Dating Social Media

The former boxer has been linked to several women since the beginning of his career. His wife, Catherine Gamez, was born on 5th June 2000 in Colombia. Ryan Garcia Wife was in a relationship with Drea Celina before they decided to divorce. She had been pregnant with Rylie, the couple split up and separated, and Ryan won custody of the child. After the divorce, Garcia began dating social media personality Drea Celina.

Catherine Gamez

Welcomed Their First Child, Rylie Celina

Although Garcia has never dated anyone, he has been known to show his affection for Selena Gomez and has two daughters. His parents, Henry and Lisa Garcia, were very active in his amateur career and remain supportive of his professional one. The mother is his PA on commercial projects. The couple recently welcomed their first child, Rylie Celina. The two are now enjoying being parents. The couple plans to wed their daughter in March 2019, and the future is bright for the young pair.

Lives in Los Angeles With Her Daughter

Garcia was previously married to Catherine Gamez. Despite their separation, the couple remained close until she became pregnant with Ryan’s daughter. After their divorce, they separated. The couple’s daughter Riley was born in January 2017. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter. In an interview with a magazine, the actress admitted that the relationship was toxic. He later revealed on his Twitter page that he had no intention of getting married again.

Toxic Relationship of Ryan Garcia Wife

Despite the media frenzy surrounding Garcia’s marriage, she has been seen with other men. Her first husband, Catherine Gamez, has a daughter named Rylie. The two have two kids together. The relationship between the two has been toxic. The pair have broken up twice. Their relationship is toxic, and they are now unsure of each other. During their time together, she has been involved in controversy.

Relationship of Ryan Garcia Wife

In the past, Garcia dated Catherine Gamez. The two were a couple until they split. During their relationship, the couple had two children, Rylie and Bela. During the time that the Garcias were dating, their relationship was still very much private. It was only after the baby was born that they got married. They had a child support arrangement that was settled after the breakup. Currently, they are raising their daughter together.

Ryan Garcia Wife

Girlfriends of Ryan Garcia

While Garcia is not married, there are many women in his life. He has dated Catherine Gamez and Drea Celina. Malu Trevejo is Garcia’s second wife. In the past, she dated Catherine Gamez. The two were also suspected to be dating one another. During the time, Ryan has had three girlfriends, including a model named Drea Garcia. He has not posted many pictures of them with Celina. Apparently, she avoids posting pictures of her with Ryan.

Divorced News On Social Media

Although Ryan Garcia has many women in his life, he rarely talks about them on social media. He’s also been married to Catherine Gamez. The two had a daughter in December 2017. The two separated after Rylie was born. In the meantime, the couple dated for several years. In October 2017, he revealed that he and Catherine had no children. They divorced in December 2015. After the baby’s birth, Garcia and Gamez separated. Their children are now living with their mother.

Numerous Problems & Conclusion

Ryan Garcia has two children with Catherine Gamez. He has a daughter with Catherine Gamez, who is also known as Drea. The two dated briefly and had numerous problems. Both had a child together, but did not marry. During this time, they broke up. The couple also have a daughter together. In fact, their relationship began in 2013. The relationship lasted only one year. The pair’s daughter is named Rylie.

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