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Top 5 Effective Ways to Solve Outlook


Despite being in service for decades, Microsoft Outlook dominates the desktop mailing client industry. You cannot find any other mailing client as effective as Microsoft Outlook. This is the primary reason many business owners choose MS outlook for their organizations. Over the years, the features and benefits of MS Outlook have evolved. The value of the Outlook has doubled up as the respiratory of the business contacts. Even though Outlook is packed with great features, there are some faults regarding its robustness. Sometimes, the application throws unexpected error messages that confuse even the experienced Outlook user. The outlook solution in the same category. This error comes when users attempt to send emails. 

Causes of 0x00CCC0B Error 

There are numerous factors that can cause Outlook  to show up. One of the most common reasons behind this error is the incorrect configuration of the SMTP file. Additionally, corrupted PST files and conflicts with other software can also contribute to the cause of this error. Server issues such as restrictions on standard SMTP ports can also lead to this error. 

To solve this error properly, you need to know some steps. Here are the top 5 ways to solve MS outlook solution. 

Restart Your System through Hard Reboot 

If you notice the 0x00CCC0B error, your first step is to restart your system completely through the hard booting method. However, sometimes one booting might not solve the problem. Therefore, make sure you hard boot your system a couple of times. But before you hard boot your device, don’t forget to save any files or data on your device. As per Techopedia, hard boot is the method of restarting your computer manually. If you want to implement hard boot, press the power button rapidly for ten seconds, and your computer will start turning off. Some system comes with a dedicated hard boot button. Pressing that button once will help you restart your computer effectively. After turning off the system, press the power button to start the system again. Once you restart the system, consider sending an email through Outlook to determine whether this method has solved the issue. 

Check the Server Settings of SMTP 

Incorrect server settings of SMTP can also cause the Microsoft outlook solution. If you want to verify the settings of your SMTP server, you need to check the service providers of email for the correct settings. After that, consider following the steps below to implement the correct settings:

  • Launch the MS Outlook application and go to the File tab.
  • Go to Info and click on Account and Social Network Settings. After that, click on Account Settings from the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose the appropriate email account, and double click on it to open the Change Account settings to showcase the Server Information. 
  • After that, click on More Settings to open the Internet Email Settings option. 
  • Click on the Advanced tab and check the running port settings of the server. Make sure the settings are correct as per the ports provided by your service provider. 

Run the Disk Cleanup Option 

Sometimes, the cache in your device can affect the server settings of your system. This is one of the biggest causes of Outlook solution. To solve this issue, you need to launch the Disk Cleanup utility. Make sure you follow these steps:

  • Open the Windows Search Box and type “cleanmgr.exe”. 
  • Once the disk cleanup function shows up, consider following the instructions on the screen to implement the process. 
  • Once the cleanup process of the disk is complete, restart the device, open Your Outlook mail and check if the problem is still there. 

Recover the PST Data File 

As mentioned earlier, a corrupt PST file can cause  problem in your MS Outlook. Even though PST file corruption is a common cause of this error, many users overlook checking their PST files. In case the PST File has been corrupted, your Outlook will show this error unexpectedly. To solve this issue, you need to use a high-quality and effective PST recovery tool to recover the contents of the corrupted file. Once the tool recovers the files completely, consider replacing the original file with the Outlook fil

e. After that, restart the application to see changes. 

Disable Antivirus 

Even though the antivirus is one of the most important things of your system that will protect your data and files from possible malicious attacks, sometimes the antivirus or internet security software can cause outlook solution. 

If you have an antivirus running your system, consider turning off that antivirus for some time. After that, restart your device and open the MS Outlook application to know if the problem has been resolved or not. If you notice that turning off the antivirus has solved the problem, make sure the antivirus is off when you send emails. Additionally, make sure you contact the service operator of the antivirus and let them know about this issue. 



These are the top 5 effective ways to solve the outlook solution. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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