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Peter DeCaprio: Top 5 HR Trends That Will Impact You In 2022

Top 5 HR Trends

Human Resource professionals are reporting a much more positive outlook top 5 hr trends for the year ahead. There is a general belief that this could be a watershed year with many exciting prospects and possibilities. This means that organizations need to prepare for some changes in order to take advantage of what the future has to offer. In HR circles, it is called being “future-proof”.

With that in mind, below are 5 top HR trends that will dominate the coming year: Peter DeCaprio

1) Businesses Running On Hope –

Many businesses have been operating under just-in-time staffing due to economic uncertainty. This led managers to focus more on lowering headcounts rather than increasing their workforce capability through training and development programs. While this may have helped in getting through the economic downturn, it is certainly not a good strategy for future competitiveness and success.

2) Businesses Playing It Safe –

With many uncertainties abound, businesses are fighting fires as individual situations arise and keeping their heads down to focus on day-to-day operations. While this may be a safe strategy for now, it does not bode well as far as longer term planning goes. As such, there could be opportunities missed as others make strategic moves. Competitors will seize those opportunities if you don’t do anything about it!

3) Social Media Takeover –

Many of your employees are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn etc every day of the week. What they post, tweet or share can have a direct impact on your brand. In fact, it is not uncommon that employees bring up issues related to company policies and practices in these social media forums. If they feel their views are not being taken into consideration, this could easily snowball from mere online chatter into an actual problem down the line. This means having a policy in place for managing social networking activities of company employees is more important than ever!

4) Out with the Old –

Old school performance management systems based on annual review cycles will be going away soon. This is because many managers find the process tedious and ineffective while most employees see it as a yearly ritual that does not inspire higher levels of achievement or provide any sense of direction for where to take their careers. In fact, many employees see the regular performance review as a punishment while managers use it as a platform to settle scores with direct reports who have displeased them in some way or another.

5) Knowing Is Power –

The days of relying on intuition and gut feelings are gone. In the new business landscape, data rules supreme and it is vital that organizations can collect and analyze relevant information before making any decisions related to finance, marketing, production etc. While there has been much advancement in this regard over the years, not all companies have put a real focus on developing strong analytic capabilities within their business functions yet.

The future will be challenging but exciting at the same time for HR professionals! It will be up to them to provide the stability and direction needed for businesses to make it through.


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