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Dimitris Itoudis Opens up on Coaching Career

Dimitris Itoudis

Dimitris Itoudis opened up his coaching career when he was an adolescent. The first and sole coaching gig of his career is with CSKA Moscow in the EuroLeague as well as in the VTB United League.

Itoudis has been among the most admired coaches in the sport. He has been the coach of the team to two EuroLeague wins, and also the team’s stunning winning streak last season.

According To Source, In the past 5 years Itoudis was the team’s coach to reach the Final Four of the EuroLeague. He is also part of Zeljko Obradovic as the sole coaches to reach this milestone during the Final Four era.

Despite the many achievements and personal praises He has received been awarded, the coach of 49 years remains humble and humble like he is now. While there’s plenty of players Itoudis has encountered throughout his coaching career there is nothing like the experience of watching from the stands for the first experience in EuroLeague.

“I’ve been around for a number of times however the term “debut” means “first time” even although the experience was present” she said. Greek native.

Itoudis played CSKA through an impressive 84-68 victory against ALBA Berlin back in October 2014 in the road. This was among those major games that he helped the team to a stunning victory. Nobody expected him to be able to win in his debut game coach.

“It was special,” Itoudis stated. “I’ve been around for a lot of times however it was an event, even although the experience was there’.

Before the team included to their roster prior to the move, he had been a involved in the EuroLeague for a number of years. He was a part of coaching assistants for team Panionios Athens back in the mid-1990s as the team competed in European top competition. They then relocated towards Panathinaikos Athens, where he would stay for the remainder of 13 years.

He was a part of Obradovic’s five titles. He gained much from his coach and was able to lead his own team following.

He was the coach of PAOK Thessaloniki and Banvit Bandirma in a variety of international tournaments. This gave him plenty of experience even though he was an aspiring coach. Despite all his achievement, he believed being a coach was the most rewarding experience for him.

I’ve been in the EuroLeague for many years’ Itoudis declared. When there’s an opportunity to make your debut as a head coach you’ll remember. Just like when we recall our first teacher, or our first coach. I can remember my first game’.

“It was a good beginning”, Itoudis said. “As the streak grew you wanted to figure the object why you might lose one or two games, how you going to get over it. If you’re not feeling prepared to do it, you’re not going to finish this job’.

Coaching career

Itoudis started his career as a coach in the year 1990 after he started coaching Zagreb’s under-18 group from SFR Yugoslavia. He joined the team in 1992 and joined the team as an assistant coach for Zagreb’s senior men’s team from Zagreb. Then, in 1995, he was an assistant coach for his Greek Basket League club PAOK. The following article will provide a brief overview of the PAOK team.

He was then appointed head coach of PAOK in 1996. the head coach for PAOK in the year 1996. He was an assistant coach with the Greek club title=”Panionios B.C. “Panionios, throughout the 1996-97 season, before becoming the head coach of the Greek club, title=”Philippos Thessaloniki B.C. “Philippos Thessaloniki from 1997 until from 1997 to. After that, he was the head coach of the Greek club title=”MENT B.C. “MENT.

He then became the assistant coach of Zeljko Obradovic, with the Greek club title=”Panathinaikos B.C.”Panathinaikos. He was Panathinaikos assistant coach between 1999 and 2012. As Panathinaikos coach’s assistant and assistant coach, he was member of five EuroLeague champion teams (2000 2002, 2003 2007, 2009, and 2011) eleven Greek League championship teams (2000 2001, 2003-2011) and seven Greek Cup winning teams (2003 2005 to 2009, 2012)

Itoudis was named the chief coach at The Turkish Super League club Banvit in 2013. He was appointed head coach in June of 2014. was appointed director of CSKA Moscow, signing a two-year deal. In his initial season for the club (2014-15), CSKA Moscow was crowned the VTB United League, after beating Khimki by an 3-0 sweep in the league’s final series.

In his second year in the second season of CSKA Moscow ( 2015-16) the coach was the very first Greek basketball player to be the winner of the EuroLeague championship by the help of a foreign (non-Greek) team. In June of 2016 He signed a contract extension as a coach with CSKA to stay for three seasons. In July of 2016, he won by the EuroLeague coach of the year during the season 2015-16. season.

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