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How Casinos Will Make You Spend More Money


Casinos are known for enticing gamers to spend as much money as possible and game for as much as possible. Several of their strategies are so devious that you may not even recognize them since they work on a deeper level.

To help you outwit the casino the next time, here are some methods that land-based and online casinos use to get you to play more. Whether you’re trying to win big on the roulette wheel, hit it big on Preakness odds, or get on a roll while playing blackjack, the casino’s goal is simple – keep you at the table.

Free Drinks

When it comes to casinos, excessive drinking is the most pleasing thing. Because alcohol reduces inhibitions and distorts judgment, it is given continuously to players seated at slot machines, card tables, or in front of racing monitors.

Aside from the little gratuities that each quality customer leaves for the waiter, the drink is frequently free.

Free Rooms

If you pay big money at casinos, they will frequently offer you unlimited meals and a free room at the next hotel if you pay big money there.

This means you don’t even have to depart the casino to get things like sleep and nourishment. And odds are, once you awaken the following morning, you’ll bet even more.

No Clocks

A clock will not be found at a casino. The casino’s owners need you to lose time, giving no regard to how many hours you’ve stayed or what time of night or day it is, so you’ll continue attempting your chances.

If you want to know what time it is, rely on your phone, watch, or smartphone.

Free Bonuses

Casinos are said to utilize creative methods to get you to wager more by providing you with a reward. This can come in cash, free meals, or entertainment tickets. Casinos need you to believe that they are friendly and genuinely would like you to visit them. But don’t be misled; they want you to return with your profits.

Casinos understand that if individuals start to win and have a great time, it would be difficult to leave. They expect that if gamers wager for a little while, they will finish up playing for hours at a time and spend far more than the reward.

As a result, casinos provide free bonus codes to everybody to entice customers to remain more and play all of their slots.

Big Celebrations

Your odds of scoring the lottery on a gambling machine or continuing on a winning run at the casino are few.

However, whenever anyone hits that rare large jackpot on a slot, dazzling lights flash and noises blast, and when anyone rakes in the money at the casinos, applause erupts.

These festivities create an illusion of prospect that keeps other gamers bleeding chips, even though somebody else’s win has nothing to do with your chances of doing the same.

No Daylight

When you go through a casino entrance, which is usually covered with glass tint to keep the sunlight out, you can’t determine what time it is without checking a wristwatch or smartphone.

Casinos maintain their interiors lighted the same way night and day. They frequently have décor that misleads you into thinking it’s an excellent time to be up, such as brilliantly colored floors and ceilings that seem like the daylight sky.


Strategically Placed Bathrooms

When you visit the casino, the initial thing you’ll notice is the gambling machines or tables. As is the case in other institutions, restrooms at casinos are positioned further within the structure rather than ideally near the entryway.

If you need to visit the bathroom, you’ll have to go farther into the casinos and try your luck through a slew of other ways.

Make You Use Chips Instead of Coins.

When you’re gambling with actual money, you double up on a poker table or go all-in on a round of the game, but it doesn’t seem like that since you convert your money into bright tiny discs that resemble actual currency.

It’s simpler to wager large using chips than cash, and the losses aren’t as painful. Most casinos also allow you to put cash onto a casino card that can be used in online gaming, giving you another method to separate your gaming from real cash spent.


The casino business is full of tactics meant to get you to spend a lot of money. It can be challenging to navigate the business and determine where to begin with all of these gimmicks.

Be cautious the next time you visit a casino! Try not to be wrapped up in these cunning traps created just for our enjoyment.

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