Tuesday, March 28

A Guide to the Easiest and Hardest College Subjects


Choosing college subjects might be overwhelming. We know that you’re under pressure, considering that your field of study will impact your future. However, choosing the wrong ones could result in unhappiness if the subjects are too difficult and take up all of your time. Every college is unique, but some subjects have similar reputations. So, what are the easiest college subjects, and which are the hardest? Without sugarcoating it – no subject is actually easy. 

But even if you want to challenge yourself with more complex subjects, you can always hire an online tutor for extra help. For instance, you can find expert tutors in many subjects with 24houranswers. The tutors offer professional feedback and guidance, and they would be of enormous help with your homework. In this helpful guide, we’ll help you choose your subjects by walking you through the things you should consider so you can select the ones that suit your interests and goals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing College Subjects

You can relieve your stress if you know which factors to consider when choosing your subjects.

Your Interests and Schedule

Maybe you won’t get to choose something that fascinates you but ensure you select subjects that hold your attention. Subjects that interest you can secure good grades. Another important thing is your schedule. Think about your commitments, workload, and whether your schedule allows you to take a specific subject. Commit to time-intensive subjects if they’re your top priority in college. And think about whether you can commit to that 8 AM class! 

The Subject Content and Anticipated Career

Check the course content before you make a decision. It’s crucial to know what you are getting yourself into by checking the subject’s curriculum. Don’t waste your years on subjects unrelated to what you’ll do after college. Instead, choose subjects with your future career in mind. Some subjects may be required for admission to graduate school or to pursue a career in a specific field.

The Easiest College Subjects

Subjects might be more or less hard depending on the college and professor. However, these are the easiest ones when considering the subject’s general reputation and the time needed for studying.

Creative Writing 

There are so many ways to tell a story. Creative writing will assist you in unlocking the power of storytelling. In addition, creative writing is a fun way to express yourself, from long-form fiction to journaling entries and even poetry. The best part is that you don’t have to be an excellent writer to participate! You’ll learn as you go.

Physical Education

Boost your GPA while working out? Then, choose a physical education class. And it’s not like in high school – if your college has this requirement, you should be able to choose from a variety of fun activities such as archery, yoga, rowing, kickboxing, rock climbing, and others.

Introductory Psychology

Psychology is an excellent concept-based and relevant subject. It might even pique your interest and inspire you to pursue a career in the field! Psychology can also help you understand communication and people’s behaviors and motivations, and desires which can be highly beneficial in your future career.

The Hardest College Subjects

While quantum physics may be easy for a science student, creative writing may be difficult for that same student. So, again, the following subjects are objectively the hardest. 


Having this subject at the top of the hard subjects list is not surprising at all. This subject requires a constant commitment to serious study. Organic chemistry, for example, is a highly complex topic in Chemistry. Organic chemistry encompasses many organic chemical reactions to investigate and requires massive memorization skills.

Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics

To succeed in this subject, you must have a solid mathematical background. It requires the memorization of numerous formulas, which must then be applied to real-world problems. Unfortunately, many students struggle with this subject because it is abstract or they lack the necessary math background.

Human Anatomy

This subject is complex because a lot of memorization is required. Human anatomy is about the structure of the human body and the parts that comprise that structure, such as organs, tissues, muscles, bones, etc., and how they function together. You’ll need to be fluent in anatomical jargon and understand the intricate functions of the human body. To pass this subject, you must know all the scientific names for all body parts and their functions.


Wrapping up

Even though an objective view exists, the debate over which college subjects are the easiest and which are the hardest is highly subjective. So, whatever you choose, give the subjects the work and time they require. Never hesitate to ask for help from your professor. And don’t forget about the help available to you online.