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Simonparkes Org Blog is a popular news website that provides users with latest news updates. This blog also provides news details from around the world. Besides providing the latest news updates, this blog features numerous articles that help readers understand a specific matter. The articles have gained tremendous popularity in the United States of America. You can read these articles to learn more about Simonparkes Org Blog. This article will help you to understand the role of reptilians and the influence of demonic entities.

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In Simonparkes Org Blog , Parkes worked as a road labourer, brickpit worker, and rope-walk man. He later apprenticed with John Holding, a bone and ivory turner, on Moseley Street. In 1837, Parkes started his own business. He married Clarinda Varney in 1836, at Edgbaston Parish Church. A member of Carr’s Lane Independent Chapel, Parkes was an active member of the church.

The biblical story of the Magi is told in Matthew. The men from the East followed a guiding star and went to Bethlehem to worship the infant Jesus. According to the Christian theological tradition, the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Once the Magi arrived, they found Jesus and his mother Mary in Bethlehem and brought gifts to the baby Jesus. The Magi then returned home without telling Herod, as the king was planning to kill him.

Simonparkes Org Blog & Renowned Author Simon Parkes

A famous clairvoyant and renowned author Simon Parkes recently spoke on Simonparkes Org Blog. This Morning about Shadow Beings and Jinn. Jinn are an unknown force from Islamic mythology who inhabit an unseen realm. They are made of smokeless scorching fire and they can interfere with the physical world, people, and objects. As such, Simon is concerned with protecting the world from these shadow entities. He is also a politician and gave interviews on television.

Simonparkes Org Blog, Simon’s grandfather was an espionage agent who worked for a foreign branch of the British government. He was also an associate of the Central Intelligence Agency. Despite his close association with the intelligence community, he turned down a knighthood when in India. His grandfather experienced a ufo and was once a British diplomat at the United Nations. In 2013, he was invited to a secret space radar base, confounding the establishment.

Simonparkes Org Blog Parkes is married to Jacquie, a labor politician and a renowned clairvoyant. The couple has three biological children. Parkes has a YouTube channel and a grassroots organization called Connecting Consciousness. These organizations make him money, but he also charges for mind healing and soul readings. Fortunately, he has many followers, resulting in a steady stream of income.

He believes that reptilians are controlled by demonic entities

According to Simon Parkes, the Draco-Reptilians are white and favor white people. However, these reptilians are not real. We white people colonize the earth by force, believing we are superior. They implant non-physical implants into us and control us. This theory would explain why some people are racists. But, is the theory true?

The origin of mankind could also explain some biblical stories. If reptilians were created by demonic entities, they could be jealous beings, seeking to worship humans. If this is true, then the biblical scriptures would also refer to extraterrestrial races in conflict with humans. It would make sense, considering reptilians’ jealousy. Why else would they conflict with us?

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Predictions on Simonparkes Org Blog

As for what will happen in 2017, Parkes makes predictions on Simonparkes Org Blog. He believes a semi-official organization will make contact with ET. However, he is wary of this disclosure because it could lead to a false flag invasion. In addition, he predicts the collapse of the European Union and the exit of the Italian people from the Euro. However, he does not believe that reptilians are actually aliens.

According to Phelps, the Vatican was one of the few protectors of Jews until the enlightenment. But, he says, it is not the Vatican’s goal to protect the Jews, but to make themselves look like protectors. And if that is the case, why does the Vatican have a presence on Earth? This is an interesting question, and the Vatican should investigate this.

In addition to controlling human consciousness, these entities control reptilians. Simonparkes Org Blog , some people are abducted by these entities, and they can materialize and dematerialize alien ships to gain access to humans. The aliens are also able to control abductees’ minds and even use cannibalism. The implication is clear: aliens are controlling human consciousness.

He Had Encounters with Extraterrestrials

Councillor Simon Parkes, who lives in Whitby, North Yorkshire, has claimed he has had many encounters with extraterrestrials. Parkes claims to have been visited by aliens as a child, and even claims to have a nine foot tall, green mother. He says he now has a son from another planet, and claims the aliens look like Scandinavians. He has also made four YouTube films, including one on extraterrestrial contact.

The Whitby Town Councillor Simon Parkes claims to have had several close encounters with aliens, including having kinky sex with one about four times a year. He says he has also fathered three children, and one extraterrestrial, Zarka, has been his constant companion. Parkes says he has been abducted by aliens since he was a child, and believes he is the son of aliens.

Simonparkes Org Blog Contacts With Extraterrestrials

The claims of alien abductions and contacts with extraterrestrials have spawned numerous conspiracy theories about alien contact and UFOs. Parkes has claimed that his real mother is an alien with eight fingers and a nine-foot height. In one video, he is hypnotized to access repressed memories of his abduction. However, despite Parkes’ many bizarre claims, he continues to be a successful politician.

According to some sources, he has had sexual relations with an alien named Cat Queen. His wife did not react positively when he told her about his alien girlfriend. In Simonparkes Org Blog ,The two even have a baby together. Simon Parkes says they meet up about four times a year. His wife was initially a bit sceptical about the relationship, but he has since made his wife comfortable with it.