Vera Mekuli Has Say Sorry For Unsuitably Dancing

Vera Mekuli

If you are interested to know that Vera Mekuli has say sorry for unsuitably dancing with lieutenant’s wife. Several police officers were suspended last month after a video was taken of a rookie police officer performing a lap dance on the lieutenant’s wife. The officer was suspended without pay, but is now apologizing for the incident. Vera Mekuli was a rookie police officer in the Bronx when she was caught on camera attempting to please her boss. In the video, the officer was able to see that Mekuli was wearing holiday sweaters and was trying to please her boss.

Personal Information of Vera Mekuli

Native The Bronx, New York City, New York
Previously Lived Different parts of New Jersey, USA
Before becoming a police officer Real Estate Agent
Graduate From John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Joining Police Department February 2021 New York City Police Department
Annual Salary Estimated $42,500
Viral Videos She danced with a different man
Martial Status Unmarried
Herself Described Highly Motivated Determined
Vera Mekuli arrest with her brother in law 8 May New Jersey
Reports Published LBL News
Pay without suspension 27-May
viral sensation December 2021
Her brother-in-law’s arrest at New Jersey State Police Barracks in Totowa
Mekuli became a police officer Feb-21
Mekuli’s Wife Name Melissa


Vera Mekuli apologizes to lieutenant’s wife

NYPD cop Vera Mekuli has say sorry for unsuitably dancing with lieutenant’s wife, saying it was “a  my fault”. The Bronx-based cop had not identified that Lieutenant Nick McGarry was married, and was unaware of the incident. While she is buttoned up at work, Vera is a total party animal off duty. She is now working from home to deal with the scandal and feels judged for what happened.

Vera Mekuli apologized  and “regrettable regrets.” She added that if the state trooper hadn’t filmed the incident, she is not facing such scrutiny. Her apology has been widely accepted. Vera Mekuli apologized to the lieutenant’s wife and to the lieutenant’s family.

Without Pay Suspended

In December, rookie NYPD officer Vera Mekuli made headlines for doing a lap dance with a man at a holiday party. When she was arrested, she allegedly told police that she was a cop and demanded to know why her brother-in-law was being arrested. Mekuli was suspended without pay on May 27. The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating. Using state police body cameras, the investigation is underway.

Vera Mekuli was suspended without pay after a video of her performing a raunchy lap dance was released online. A video of the event also caught her giving a lieutenant a raunchy lap dance. Vera Mekuli was also suspended after she launched an angry tirade against state troopers.

Lap Dance on Her Boss’s Lieutenant

The video shows police officer Vera Mekuli in a plaid miniskirt and knee-high boots doing the “lap dance” on lieutenant Nick McGarry. Mekuli then apologized to the lieutenant’s wife, and then went on to tell her boss she felt judged. The video was shared widely and went viral. The incident has been investigated by the NYPD and the Post.

Vera Mekuli apologized to the lieutenant and his wife and told them she had no idea that Lieutenant Nick McGarry was married. She spoken the couple that she had no knowledge of the man’s marital status, but that she had no other chance to engage in intimate acts. Lieutenant McGarry was then reassigned to subway patrol.

Became Belligerent After A Drunk Driving

A New Jersey woman became belligerent after a drunk driving police arrest of her brother-in-law. On May 8, Mekuli drove up to the barracks of the state police in Totowa, New Jersey, in bare feet and demanded to know why her brother-in-law was arrested. She recorded the officers on her cell phone to prove her point.

During the incident, Mekuli identified herself as a police officer and demanded to know why her brother-in-law was arrested. As the officers explained the situation, Mekuli became belligerent and began recording them with her cell phone. Although Mekuli did not file a complaint, someone with her filed a report to the New Jersey State Police Office of Professional Standards. The investigation revealed that no police officers committed a crime. However, Mekuli was suspended for two weeks by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau. She is on probation and does not receive any salary while she is on suspension.