Thursday, March 23

The Impact of the Internet on Marketing

Internet on Marketing

Over the course of human existence, there has been many inventions that have changed the game. Every so often, something will come along, and change everything, forever. This is welcome news. We need change. More importantly, we need development. Without these things life would be boring. Imagine a life where everything stayed the same. Where would the excitement come from? Where would we get our kicks? How would we progress?

These are hard questions to answer. One thing is for certain, we need technology to keep moving forward. Technology changes all aspects of our lives. Think about our daily lives today compared to 50 years ago.

We now order food, talk to our friends, look up information, and buy products all with the click of a button. This would sound like magic if you were to say it to someone from a different age. However, there is one way that technology, more importantly the Internet, has changed the world, that is in business. The Internet has completely revolutionized how business is carried out. One area that has been significantly affected by the Internet is that of marketing, this article will explore this idea.

So, how has online marketing changed the game? Well, it is important to first understand how marketing was carried out in the past. In years gone by, marketing was carried out on traditional forms such as television, radio, newspaper, and billboard. A business would purchase a particular time slot, a time when they would know their target market would be viewing and place their advert. This was a tricky business. It was not guaranteed that the people who you intended to view the ad would be watching or listening. The Internet has changed all of this.

Now, instead of television or radio, most people spend their time on the Internet. This has changed how marketing is carried out. An advert placed on a social media platform is now worth much more than an advert placed on a television screen. Obviously, there are exceptions to this. An example of an exception is that of a highly viewed event, such as the Superbowl final. However, on average, adverts placed online are worth more. This is how the game has been changed.

Think about it, you can now hire a firm to avail of the algorithm to have your advert placed in front of exactly who it was intended for. Therefore, why waste the time and effort when you know how accurate marketing can be done online. Also, if you know that a certain influencer has a particular type of follower, you can ask that influencer to advertise your product. The game has really been different. There are many other game changing aspects of business stemming from then Internet, you can read about them here.

Times change. There is on denying this. You cannot fight this fact. All you can do is keep up. A good place to start doing this would be to keep an eye on the latest trends in the technological world. We hope that this healthy information has been supportive and helpful.