Tuesday, March 28

Best Nutrition Advice For Border Collies Owners


As a dog owner, you’re responsible for your pet’s health. This means making sure that they are eating the right food, eating enough food, and aren’t eating anything unhealthy. And if you own a Border Collie, you may be wondering how to approach their nutrition properly.

All dogs are different. So, you don’t just have to consider the dog’s breed, but you also need to consider their personal needs and tastes.

This can be tough, but since there are some nutritional needs that apply to all Border Collies, figuring out a framework to follow isn’t too hard. And so that you don’t have to jump between different sources, we’ve created this complete guide to a Border Collie’s nutritional needs.

In this article, we’ll go over the type of diet that Border Collies need and other things you need to know about raising one at home.

High-Protein Diets Are Essential

The first thing you need to know about Border Collie’s nutritional requirements is that they require a high-protein diet. To start, dogs are natural carnivores. So, it’s crucial for their survival that they get essential protein and amino acids from meat. While this doesn’t mean you have to feed them prime beef cuts for every meal, it does mean you have to check the protein content of their food and make sure it’s high.

Most commercial dog food brands will have the protein content of their food listed down on the packaging. This is very important as it gives you a clear idea of how much protein they get from every meal and ensures that they are getting the right amounts of protein.

Even if you aren’t feeding them commercial dog food, you can’t skip out on a lot of protein. This is why most natural and raw dog food diets require owners to put meat and eggs in their dog’s meals.

With that said, it’s important that the high-protein food a Border Collie eats is designed for a dog. Most cat food has a lot of protein and fat, but not the right kind for dogs. So, while it might seem like a good idea, feeding your dog cat food can result in some problems in the long term.

Additionally, Spot & Tango offers the best dog food for Border Collies with options for the ones with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Adjust to Your Dog’s Needs

Another thing you need to do when creating a nutritional plan for a Border Collie is to adjust to their needs. Remember, while Border Collies have certain traits that are present in all of these dogs, each animal is different. So, there’s a high chance that your dog’s dietary needs and tastes will differ from those of other Border Collies.

If you notice that your dog isn’t eating all their food or avoiding it altogether, they may not be eating the right food. Some dogs are very picky eaters, which is why a lot of dog owners have to go through different brands before landing on the right one for their pet.

On top of that, certain dogs have different nutritional needs than others. For example, if your dog is out exercising a lot, there’s a chance they will need more food than dogs who are resting all day. And if your dog is already a bit overweight, you may also have to adjust their diet to get your pet back into their ideal weight range.

When building a diet plan for your Border Collie, you’re going to have to make a lot of adjustments. So, expect that you’re going to have to change the type of food they eat, how much they eat, and when they eat throughout your dog’s lifetime.

How Much Should Border Collies Eat?

The right amount of food for your Border Collie largely depends on their needs and habits. For example, if you have a working dog or one that exercises a lot, they are going to need more calories than dogs that spend most of their time at home. Otherwise, they might not have the fuel they need to energize them throughout the day.

Determining the calorie count of your Border Collie can be tough, and it will take some trial and error as well. If your dog doesn’t have enough energy throughout the day or you feel like they have too much, small adjustments in their diet could do the trick for you.


While Border Collies are all part of one dog breed, diet plans for Border Collies vary from dog to dog. This is because each dog has their own needs, lifestyle, and tastes that pet owners are responsible for meeting. So, when building a diet plan for your Border Collie, make sure not to rush, as there’s a high chance that you’re going to have to make adjustments along the way.

But don’t worry; all this work will be worth it. This is because at the end of the day, feeding your Border Collie the right type and amount of food they should eat is the best way to keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible.