Tuesday, June 6

The Biggest Sporting Events Still to Come in 2022


Every time a survey is conducted, the overwhelming majority of the adult population will always agree with the sentiment that time seems to be passing by ever-more quickly with each passing year. The current year is no different in this regard, meaning that most of us have barely noticed the months whizzing by since we were last celebrating the start of another New Year.

We are just beginning the final third of 2022, and countless records have already been broken in the sporting world. This has been fantastic for sports fans and sports bettors alike, with those that enjoy participating in sports betting online setting new all-time highs in terms of both the revenues and the number of bets placed.

The Winter Olympics in Beijing were a major contributor to this trend, and it was also the first time that one city has hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympic games. The FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup was another exciting contest that saw England win their first major football trophy in almost six decades.

You may think that we have already seen the bulk and the best of this year’s sport, but there are plenty more major sports events left on the calendar between now and the end of the year. Today we’ll be exploring five of the most hotly anticipated events that every sports fan needs to see in 2022 – be sure to record these on your own calendar to ensure you don’t miss them!

FIFA Soccer World Cup

We already mentioned the women’s FIFA World Cup, but there is still plenty more football action on the way in the final third of 2022! This year’s Men’s tournament will be held in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar, which will be the first time that a country in that region – or any Arab nation – has hosted the most prestigious event in soccer.

The tournament is currently scheduled to begin on November 20th, 2022, with the final expected to take place just before Christmas on December 18th. Eight new purpose-built venues have been constructed in the country spanning five different cities, and tens of thousands of spectators are expected to flock to country in what is likely to be their first visit to the nation of Qatar.

This year’s World Cup is also notable as it will be the last time that the tournament will use the traditional 32 team structure that we have become accustomed to over the past few decades. Next time the World Cup is held – planned for 2026 in the United States, Mexico, and Canada – there will be 48 competing teams.

English Premier League Football

Staying with the Soccer theme for the time being, the English Premier League is the most prestigious football league anywhere in the world, and the current season has just kicked off on August 5th. This will be the 31st Premier League tournament and is scheduled to complete on May 28th 2023, which is a slightly delayed finish due to the World Cup also taking place in Qatar this year.

Many of the teams who play in the English Premier League are known right around the globe including Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United. The games are played up and down the country at iconic venues such as Stamford Bridge, Elland Road, and Wembley Stadium.

Australian Football Grand Final

Australian Football doesn’t have the same appeal across the globe as soccer or American Football, however it is still a fantastic game to watch and has many unique aspects that make it especially interesting for those who are not already familiar with the sport. The season began in March this year and is currently due to finish in September.

The final game of the season is expected to be held on September 24th and will be held at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. Last year’s final between Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs set new records for worldwide viewership, and this year’s game could see even more people exploring this sport for this first time

US Tennis Open

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, and the 2022 US Open is one of the sport’s bet-known competitions. If further proof were needed, this is also one of the longest-running sports tournaments in the world as the 2022 contest will be the 142nd edition.

The US Open is currently scheduled to run between August 29th and September 11th, with all games set to be held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City. As an International Tennis Federation tournament, the US Open includes both men’s and women’s games, as well as both singles and doubles configurations.

Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup

Let’s finish up with a sport that has the world divided! The United States has never taken to cricket much, instead preferring the faster pace and greater action offered by Baseball, but many other countries in the world adore this game, such as India, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

This tournament has been delayed since 2020, so the excitement around it amongst cricket fans has reached fever pitch by this point. India was originally scheduled to host the tournament, but due to the delays it will now be played in Australia. There are 16 teams competing in 45 matches, with the finals scheduled to be held on November 13th at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.