Tuesday, March 28

The Best Square Enix Games to Play

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When it comes to games on PlayStation, Square Enix is for sure one of the companies that has produced some of the best games. Most of these games are driven by an amazing storyline coupled with brilliant gameplay. Audiences all over the world have largely loved and appreciated these games. The best part about getting these games on the PlayStation is that you can purchase them online on the PlayStation Store and download them on your PS4 or your PS5 whenever you want. You just have to head to the PlayStation Store, pay for the games, and add them to your library.

Downloading requires a stable yet fast internet connection such as Xfinity wifi to download these games as fast and flawlessly as possible. Here are some games from Square Enix that you should get for yourself:

Kingdom Hearts 2

No matter how many Kingdom Hearts games Square Enix made, Kingdom Hearts 2 will always be considered the best out of all of them. It saw a drastic shift in the storyline, a significant change in the gameplay, and interesting addition to Sora’s Drive Forms. We also got to see a lot of new characters and Sora go through a transition as he becomes more serious about matters.

In this game, we get to revisit some of the worlds from Kingdom Hearts and there are some added worlds as well such as the Land of Dragons, Tron, and a lot more. Overall, speaking from a storyline and a gameplay perspective, Kingdom Hearts 2 is the kind of game that you must play, no matter what. You can play it if you buy either Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Remix or the Kingdom Hearts All-in-One Package on the PlayStation Store on both the PS4 and PS5.

Life is Strange

This game was one-of-a-kind when it first came out. It had very different graphics and the storyline was the kind that would keep you hooked to it. In this game, we get to uncover the story of Max Caulfield who discovers that she has the power to turn back time a little bit. In this way, she gets to help people around her. The town that she lives in witnesses a lot of kidnappings and murders and Max takes it upon herself to figure out who is responsible for all the kidnappings.

At the same time, she also foresees that the town will be hit by a storm and she has to be the one to prevent that storm. Due to its immersive story and gameplay, everyone loved the game as soon as it came out. The game was followed by other titles such as Life is Strange 2 and Life is Strange: True Colors. You can buy the games on the PlayStation Store and download them whenever you want.

Marvel’s Avengers

Even though this game came off as a flop but it was still a very promising game. The game is about America’s best superheroes, the Avengers. The game also featured Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel way before she got her TV Show. In the game, we get to play as all of the Avengers which includes Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and Thor. In the game, the Avengers are blamed for a terrorist attack that they were not involved in. They are replaced by an organization called A.I.M and the Avengers eventually disband and part ways.

It is then up to Kamala that gathers all members of the Avengers so that they could regroup and fight a common enemy. More characters were added to the game in later updates. Each of the characters has its strength and with time, you can upgrade your characters to improve their skills and their strengths.

Tomb Raider

In one of Lara Croft’s best games, in this 2013 reboot, Lara goes in search of the lost Yamatai Kingdom.  However, on her way during the expedition, her ship is struck by a storm and it is destroyed. Eventually, Lara is separated from the rest of her crew on the island and it is up to her to survive on her own. One by one she starts finding her friends and she continues her journey of finding the lost kingdom of Yamatai. This game marks the beginning of Lara’s journey and it is then continued by two other games in the Tomb Raider series.

The game also went on to get a live-action movie, which did not star Angelina Jolie like the old ones but it was still pretty good.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best games by Square Enix that you should play because the storyline and gameplay are bound to keep you hooked to your console!