Thursday, March 23

Effective Ways to Increase Domain Authority of a Website

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a ranking metric that forecasts how well a website could rank on search engines. There are almost 200 ranking factors that play a pivotal role in getting websites ranked on top pages on search engines, and domain authority is one of the fundamental among them. You can determine your domain authority as per the score assigned by Moz. This score is calculated between 1-100. The average domain authority score is 30-40. If you are falling below this, your domain authority is poor. A score above 50 is considered a good one, and above 80 falls in the category of excellent domain authority. This means that if the score is higher, then the chances of your website performing well on search engine page results are greater.

How to Know the DA PA Score of a Website?

Before jumping onto the ways that can help you increase your domain authority, you should check the score of your website through a website authority checker. To perform this action, you can access any online domain authority checker. You just need to paste your website link in the address bar and click the check authority button. In a few seconds, you will get your result on the screen. Once you are done with the score checking, you can start working on improving the domain authority of your website following the below-mentioned techniques.

Strategies to Improve Your Domain Authority

The development of domain authority is not child’s play. It is a long process that takes a lot of effort and hard work on your end. Let’s shed some light on the means to better your domain authority.

Secure Backlinks from Top Websites

Backlinks are one of the most crucial ranking factors. They play a significant role in calculating domain authority. That’s why you need to find high-quality backlinks to fasten the ranking process. Numerous ways can help you get backlinks to strengthen your profile. However, the one used frequently is searching through a backlink checker. This facility is available on several platforms, and you can use it easily without many restrictions.

You just need to access a backlink checker, now, put the links of your top competitors to check from which sites they are getting backlinks. The tool will show the backlinks of those websites; you can visit those sites and contact the webmasters of those websites and ask them to promote you through a referral source. Consequently, you provide them with your content, and they publish it on their platforms. As a result, the traffic flow at your site gets improved, thus ensuring a boost in domain authority. However, while finding referral sources, you must opt for the sites related to your niche. It is because relevancy is more important than the authority score of your referral source. For example, if, being an owner of a beauty products site, you ask a web designing site for a referral, it won’t do any good. On the contrary, if you get promoted through a beauty products website, even with a low authority score, you can grab more organic traffic.

Create Optimized Content

To grow your domain authority, you should also focus on producing quality content to gain viewers’ confidence. If you stay dependent totally on backlinks, then your site will not grow much. It is because, to outshine the competitors in the market, you must have a distinctive identity on your own, and your content is your symbol of excellence. Therefore, you should pay due attention to content creation. Otherwise, the public won’t bother to visit your site regularly, which will hurt your integrity.

Improve The Website Structure Constantly

Another way of constantly growing the domain authority of your website is to make necessary changes in the structure of your website. You must try to make your site user-friendly and start focusing on building it mobile-oriented because most of the audience explores web pages through their smartphones. Therefore, your site must get loaded quickly on cell phones. As a result of that, you would be able to generate more traffic to your website.

Keep an Eye on Your Site’s Progress

You should keep a close look at the performance of your website and work on its optimization. You must remove bad links from your site, as the links taken from a fishy platform can decrease your authority. Additionally, you may also face some type of penalties from Google. Moreover, you should also work on the internal link structure. You should integrate links related to other informative web pages of your site in your content to keep the audience intact.


Domain authority cannot be controlled as you want, but if you work tediously, you can gradually grow your domain authority. So, you must make a long-term strategy according to the above-mentioned key points, and chances are higher that you will taste success. We hope that after reading this article, you will be in a better position to formulate an authoritative scheme to develop the domain authority of your website.