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How Much Money Can You Make Playing Cash Games?

Cash Games

It is exciting to get prize money for winning a mere game. Looking for more lucrative games is only natural to increase the daily pay scale. Many players will say they get a good enough amount to bankroll. If you think you can do that as well, sue you can.

Anyone can make money on cash games and enjoy the weekly payouts. But there are many ifs and buts to the process. Once you get the hang of the basics, then the road to money-making is just as far as you want it to be.

While many argue that online cash games and online poker is a luck-driven games and that the chances of winning money are slim. These people couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, gambling has its toll, but it is all about strategy and practice.

Keeping Tags On the Win-Rate

The win rate for a game is limiting and requires a keep observation in order to calculate a rough earning hourly or daily. Depending on the win rate, every player will fall into a given category.

  1. Lower or equal to 0BB/100 is a losing player
  2. 0-1 BB/100 is a breakeven player
  3. 2-5 BB/100 is a Solid Winner
  4. 5-8 BB/100 is a Leading player
  5. 8BB or more/ 100 is a crushing player

Do People Make Money?

Pros are playing online poker and cash games and get more than $100 in weekly winnings. It is not enough to make a living but with a low-stake cash game. Other players make an average of $200 an hour.

These players have dedicated their lives to cash games and aim for tournaments where they can score large prizes. There is no doubt that some skillful players make an earning out of these cash prizes, but that requires years of dedication and skill set.

There is a variant of players who are getting money every week through cash games, and their payments vary. It all comes down to how many hands you play per BB.

Players who have a medium-strong hand can roughly estimate their winnings to be $20 – $200 hourly. So there is no denying the fact that cash games do pay you for playing, but you need to earn this money by winning at the table.

A simple mathematical calculation would be if you are $1/$2NL and make 3BB per hand, figuratively, then that means you are making $6 per 100 hands. This is a rough estimation, and by the end of the monthly or annual statistics, the math work out, and the top wins can be surfaced.

How Much Can You Win at Cash Games?

There are different cash games with different earning rates. It is up to the player to understand the algorithm and calculate hourly, daily, and even monthly earnings.

A simple rule to calculate how much you might be earning per day should start after you have played a few fair games. It is important to know the win rate concerning its certain limitations. This is usually a rough estimation for NL in BB per hand.

Similar to the example given in the passage above, another simple calculation is if you are playing $5/$10 NL that means you are earning $30 per 100 hands.

You can easily estimate an hourly gain from this once you have this information on the particular cash prize and have an estimated win rate.

All you need to do is keep playing hands because, in the end, all that matters is how many hands you play.

Earning $10 per Hour

The number of hands you play and the number of tables you win are added to make a good enough prize of $10 per hour. If you want to seriously make money from cash games, then start taking it seriously and play full time.

What most players do is start 2-3 tabling for $1/$2 NL, it is not much but according to the calculations, you get 200 hands/ hour which is $5 per hand. If the estimated win rate is 2.5BB per 100, then that would total up to $10 per day.

Earning $100 per Day

A usual calculation for cash games is either per hour or monthly because a daily estimate is usually not correct. But if you are willing to put in a little extra effort and add a few hours to your daily game time, then you can win $100 per day.

This rate can be earned either by 15-tabling or more, but that is more mentally taxing than you would expect it to be. A better way around it is to play $5/$10 NL at a winning rate of 4.5 BB per 100 hands. This will increase your win to around $90 to $100 per 100 hands.

A 100-dollar win per day can ensure around $2500 a month. This is enough as a side hustle and can be used as a little extra pocket money.

If you think this winning-rate can help you make a living, then you need to hit it up a notch. There are some free games that pay real money and are available for all to play and earn good money.


Most Pro players wait for tournaments to start, and that is where they play, earning thrice as much as they would have in a month. This is because most new players and beginners join the tournaments, being attracted by the payday amount.

These players are pros and have dedicated their lives to such earnings. If you have enough practice to compete against a good player, then there is a chance you can make more money than you can expect, but this needs time and practice.

The rule is to play rough and aggressive. Online poker or other cash games have a golden rule of roughhousing, which keeps the opponent at bay, and you always have the upper hand.

There will be instances where you might play against a good or a strong player, and that is when you need to play a balanced game.

The chances of a beginner winning at a tournament are low, but you can never underestimate the odds. So as a beginner, try not to jump into a tournament to earn money but rather hold 2-3 tables for a stable earning.


Cash games are available to all players to earn a small win weekly. The amount estimated hourly is $20-$200 according to the level of player you are.

You can start with more than 2-3 tables as well; players who play full-time usually have 15 tables as well.

However, there are slightly diminishing returns per 100 hands. But due to the increased number of hands, the difference is compensated.