Tuesday, March 28

Top Ways Casinos Are Gambling On Technology


The operating income on slots is as high as 60%. Therefore, the typical casino wants someone to sit at the table in front of a gambling machine and play at it for hours. However, a Millennial generation was brought up playing video games on smartphones, and the Xbox believes slot machines are uninteresting and only for the elderly. Casinos are embracing technology to attempt and overcome this perception. Undoubtedly, Millennials appear to be open to spending money on games in general. 2015 saw a $3.5 billion revenue increase from online social casino alternatives, above projections of $3.4 billion. Furthermore, it’s anticipated that amount will rise to $4.4 billion by 2017. Here are some strategies Online pokies Australia are using to better their overall operations while luring millennials.

1.            Big Data –

  • Casinos essentially invented the application of big data. A casino will use a loyalty card to gather information about its customers. Casinos also keep track of your financial transactions, visitation patterns, and even your preferred slot machines, in addition to your personal information. Casino security can also benefit from the usage of big data.
  • The software scans these databases to identify relationships that might not be immediately apparent. By locating similar information in multiple people’s backgrounds, it can also find linkages between them. The ability to follow your clients and personnel has improved thanks to technology. Additionally, the University of Nevada–Las Vegas is requesting from the state $500,000 to aid in the establishment of an Institute for Big Data. Poli casino is one such casino that utilizes big data to improve security and provide variety to its online gamers.

2.            Enterprise Content Management (ECM) –

  • Casinos may be opulent and showy, but at their core, they are businesses. Because of this, casino back-office activities like contracts, accounting, and human resources can benefit from the same types of company interprocess communication and enterprise content management software that any other company.
  • According to Lance Dutcher, business solutions architect at Minokaw Technologies, one of the biggest problems was effectively tracking papers. “Documents would get lost in the chaos throughout the approval process due to the number of persons who needed to evaluate and approve contracts. He continued this resulted in duplicate copies being sent to various desks for clearance, which ultimately increased everyone’s workload.

3.            Virtual Reality –

  • Millennials might also be drawn to virtual reality-based gaming platforms. Worlds of the Eldorado, which also took two years to develop and features 3D graphics (high-end), huge touch interactive content (on-screen), super high definition 4K pixel conciseness, proficient music, melody, and soundtrack, and a comprehensive super panoramic widescreen cinematic gaming experience was made, for instance, by El Dorado Reno.
  • Every time you enter a World, a unique dragon will greet you. This dragon will serve as your personal assistant throughout the adventure and develop from a baby to an adult as you gather priceless gems that take you to FreePlay and Adventure Parties with tournaments and car giveaways.

4.            Mobile Gaming Availability –

  • The experience of a player in the realm of online casino gaming has continued to change thanks to the ever-evolving trend of mobile gaming technology. Thanks to mobile devices and apps, players have access to an enjoyable and distinctive gaming environment. As a result, you can browse the internet and try multiple games from anywhere.
  • Additionally, for greater levels of happiness, you are able to select the internet gaming system that is appropriate for your device. You can do this to enjoy the best games, extra opportunities, and other thrilling benefits. You may rely on first-hand gaming experience with mobile gambling. Smartwatch technology, which also enables gamers to enjoy gaming while on the go, is comparable to mobile gaming.

5.            Live dealer technology –

  • Online casino gamers can enjoy a realistic and engaging experience thanks to living dealer technology. Simply decide on your preferred casino and the games to play, then select or sign in to a real dealers. Players now have much more to relish with live dealer technology.


Casinos aren’t typically thought of in terms of IT, but in numerous respects, including how they employ technology, they can serve as an industry barometer. They demonstrate that it is wise to make use of business operations features like big data and ECM and employ technologies like virtual reality and social networking sites to get users to use the applications.