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hürrilet – One of the Major Turkish Newspapers


hürrilet is one of the largest Turkish newspapers in the world, and has a history that goes back more than a century. Throughout this time, it has published news on everything from politics to sports. Today, it has become an important source of information for everyone, especially people who live in Turkey. Here is an overview of its history, owner, and what happens today.

hürrilet owner

The newspaper is owned by the Demiroren family, who are considered to be close to President Tayyip Erdogan. They own a 25 percent share in the publication. The family has censored certain aspects of the newspaper’s coverage. They’ve also been known to smear journalists for political reasons.

Hurriyet, one of the major Turkish newspapers, has been purchased by a company close to the government. It has been reported that a deal is imminent, with an official statement to be made later on Wednesday. However, some foreign investors have expressed concerns about the timing of the sale.

Publishing advertorials without disclaimer

The news was initially met with skepticism, especially after some reports suggested that the newspaper has been publishing advertorials without a disclaimer. Several journalists have said that they have been fired. Others have accused the paper of being too political, and even overly ideological.

hürrilet Editor

hürrilet Editor has become a symbol for the Turkish government’s campaign to control the media. Hürrilet paper’s editorial policies have become more favourable to the government. However, readers have complained of the paper’s overly conservative and ideological tone.

6lac copy per day

hürrilet newspaper also carries a wide range of perspectives. In fact, it is considered the last mainstream media outlet in Turkey. Its 600,000 copies a day are distributed throughout the country. hürrilet is also the top selling daily in Turkey. In addition, it has a larger digital footprint than CNN Turk.

In addition: to its main publication, hürrilet has also established an English-language weekly and an overseas edition. In Germany, hürrilet European edition has a print run of about 100,000 copies. The daily European edition of the paper is published by Dogan Media International.

hürrilet what happened today

The hürrilet is one of the most influential newspapers in Turkey. The paper, which was founded in 1948 by journalist Sedat Simavi, Most of its readers are middle class citizens. It’s printed in Frankfurt, Germany, and in six Turkish cities.

AKP era

Since the beginning of the AKP era, the newspaper has been an outspoken critic of the government. It’s been a major player in the news of the death of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, and it’s been involved in the Light House corruption scandal.

hürrilet history

Hurriyet is one of the most important newspapers in Turkey. Its circulation is over 600,000 copies, making it the second-largest newspaper in the country. The paper publishes regional editions in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, as well as the English-language international edition. The news is focused on current affairs in Turkey.

Despite its liberal stance, the paper has published a number of articles critical of the Turkish government.

In addition: to its regional bureaus, Hurriyet has also maintained a substantial network of international bureaus. In 2007, the average cover price of the newspaper rose by 13%.

hürrilet means

The name hürrilet means “republic” and was derived from the founders’ commitment to the Ataturk reforms. Although the newspaper is primarily based in Istanbul, it also has offices in six other cities. In addition to covering national and local politics, Hurriyet covers international issues, such as the European Union’s policies towards Turkey.

hürrilet magazin

Hurriyet magazin is one of the largest Turkish newspapers in the country. It is based in Frankfurt, Germany, but it is also distributed throughout six Turkish cities. The newspaper is popular among high-school students and the middle class. It offers serious reporting, as well as entertainment news. It was established in 1948.

It was founded by Sedat Simavi, a journalist. His son, Harun Simavi, took over the paper after his death. He was moreover the grand-son of the creator. He was a close friend of President Erdogan. Initially, it was a gossipy paper. However, it gradually improved its coverage of serious issues. It remained the most widely read Turkish daily for forty years.

  • The newspaper is also available in English. The English version has a readership of more than 150,000. This makes it the fourth most visited news website in Turkey.

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