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How To Satisfy a Woman Sexually


Over 25% of people are having sex at least once per week.

Sex is an important element of any romantic relationship. It keeps that spark alive. That’s why you’ll always want your woman to have a ferocious sex drive.

Is your sex life not up to speed and are you leaving your woman crying for something more? Then, we’re here for you! Here are ways you can satisfy a woman in bed.

Keep reading to find out how.

Watch That Foreplay

While it might sound counterintuitive, you don’t want to jump right into every aspect of foreplay right away. For example, playing with the clitoris isn’t for every woman.

What can be the game changer, however, is taking the time to kiss, lick, and touch her body. This will get her aroused and ready for action.

Make Use of Lubrication

Lubrication, or lube, will make a woman wet since it avoids the dryness that some women experience. Most don’t experience this, for example, those in the 20s age group. However, they’ll still enjoy their female sex life better with a little bit of lube.

Lube is made from silicone which really adds to the occasion and makes it more sensual. Thrush can be toned down as the penis enters with ease and slides to make the sex a much better experience.

You can use it on her breasts beforehand, and then add it to your penis and her vagina for all-around pleasurable sexual intimacy.

Talk to Satisfy a Woman During Sex

Letting your partner know how you’re feeling during sex can make all the difference. It conveys to her that you’re enjoying it and can help make her enjoy it too.

It’ll allow her to know what positions and sexual acts really make it for her. Likewise, she can communicate back that she’s enjoying what moves you make. Even if she’s not, at least you’ll know and can change your moves accordingly until she gives you a different signal.

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Relax Her for the Orgasm

A big reason a woman feels like it’s their fault sometimes is for it taking too much time until she orgasms. The stress can prevent the female orgasm in the end entirely.

Help by relaxing her and just enjoying the moment. You might even want to give her a massage to help take it off her mind. When the anxiousness gets taken away, she may be more likely to reach the climax.

Use Your Hands a Lot

If they’re still finding it hard to orgasm, it’s a great move to touch her more.

When you’re lying on top, slide your hands down her side or lock hands with her. Rub her clitoris as it doesn’t always get the full attention during sex to feed her female sexual desires. It can help both of you out as you may each reach your climax quicker.

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