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Better customer service with big data consulting


Customer information is a resource that every business needs to grow successfully. As a result, companies are looking for a way to collect data, process it, and gain valuable insights quickly. To achieve this, companies use big data consulting services. They want to reduce expenses, improve business efficiency and discover new opportunities. However, often their main goal is to analyze customer behavior to provide better services. And it is this aspect that the following article covers.

How can big data consulting improve customer service?

One of the benefits of applying for big data consulting services is better customer service. But how can we use big data to improve customer satisfaction? Here are five ways to achieve this goal.


Analyzing the purchase history can provide companies with information about customer preferences. This makes it easier for them to develop mechanisms for personalizing offers. As a result, they can tailor products and marketing offers to a given customer. In addition, businesses can use big data to create personalized ads. Besides, big data can allow retailers to know what a potential buyer wants before they visit the store’s website.


There are many different techniques for pricing products. They are usually tailored to specific applications and sectors. Locations are also taken into account, and depending on the product, also the season. Customer behavior analysis is also a good indicator of prices. Sellers analyze the shopping habits of customers, and then they can find out whether the customers like to use promotions and discount codes.

Moreover, based on online transactions, companies can find out in which price range customers make purchases. In this way, they are able to recommend products with a price tailored to the client’s budget expectations.


Big data analytics allows companies to predict future trends. Knowing the needs and desires of customers, companies can adjust the offer accordingly. However, they can also use this information to forecast future trends.

By seeing what is happening now, we can predict what might happen in the future. Also, by finding various factors related to sales and customer behavior, it allows sellers to predict future trends and even the number of new customers. Companies can incorporate Big Data and analyze the increasing viewing frequency of a given product, which is a strong indicator of upcoming sales.


Big data is one of the most effective ways of business development. With this, companies can create a product ideally suited to the requirements and needs of customers. Using modern technologies and BI tools allows them to make decisions much faster and react to changing trends or customer expectations. Analysis of information about customers and knowledge of their shopping habits allows for:

  • Improving the offer and the product itself
  • Optimizing the stock level
  • Reorganization of the supply chain
  • Undertaking marketing activities that will allow for maximization of the level of sales

Companies can collect feedback and create surveys, which will allow them to tailor products and offers to the needs of customers. And this, in turn, strongly influences their commitment to the brand.


Implementing big data consulting services contributes to building consumer loyalty. All the benefits mentioned above have also proven this.

We can distinguish 2 ways to build customer loyalty enabled by Big Data technology. It is a defensive and offensive approach.

The former consists of monitoring signals from social media and responding to them. It also applies to detecting red flags when interacting with customers using different channels.

In turn, the offensive approach is about personalizing and optimizing the customer experience. Companies can create a recommendation engine to facilitate shopping and improve their product. It also enables the presentation of content on the website that has been tailored to each customer visit. This is possible thanks to the Big Data analysis done earlier.


Data is an integral part of every sector, and the way business operates. It is also an increasingly important factor in productivity. Currently, the amount of stored data is growing exponentially. So, using big data consulting services helps companies deal with data analytics challenges. It is also crucial in customer service. As we have shown, it affects building consumer loyalty, helps to match offers, and create products that respond to customer needs.

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