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Sunday, September 25

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Google Voice in the UK
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Google Voice in the UK

Google Voice in the UK is a free phone service that allows you to make cheap calls to landlines and mobiles. If you're a UK user, you can login to your Gmail account to make phone calls. If you live outside of the UK, you'll need to set up a special setup. Once you do this, you can use Google Voice without any additional setup fees. In the US, you'll need to pay a $20 porting fee. If you have a landline phone in the UK, Google Voice may require a huge subsidy. However, since it's free, companies might be willing to pay more for it. It might charge per-call rates or monthly usage fees, which will help offset the higher costs of operating the network. The main downside is that Google Voice is not available in the UK yet, which makes it difficult to compare to other plans. If you live o...