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Monday, September 26

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Dave Chappelle’s son Ibrahim Chappelle
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Dave Chappelle’s son Ibrahim Chappelle

Ibrahim Chappelle is a funny guy born to a Muslim father Dave Chappelle’s and a Christian mother. The family is raising their son on a 65-acre farm in Ohio. His father is an African-American, and his mom is a Christian. Dave Chappelle's parents are not well-known, but Ibrahim's family is a strong supporter of his career and family life. He's currently a star on the television show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Father Converted to Islam in 1998                                Ibrahim Chappelle is a Christian. His father converted to Islam in 1998, so his children were named after Muslims. His father gave his son the name Sulayman, which is derived from Soloman in the Bible. While he is an American national, he is of African descent. His exact birth date is unknown, and his body measure...