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Monday, September 26

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What to do if you have a car accident
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What to do if you have a car accident

Yen Espaol | No one expects a car accident, but more than 6 million people are involved in crashes every year in the United States. It is natural to feel anxious and worried when this happens to you, but knowing what to do can help you stay calm. 1-Check the scene for injuries and danger. "Safety is your number one priority after an accident," said Eric Brand, chief claims officer at car insurance company Esverne. "Store physically and any passengers to evaluate your condition and protection. Also, check your surroundings." Do you feel bad? Do you smell smoke? Are you still in heavy traffic? Take a rapid look at the circumstances. 2-Go to Safety and/or call 911. If everyone in your car is OK, avoid possible damage and go to the sidewalk or shoulder. If someone is injured, call 911, t...