How To Increase Your Electric Car’s Battery Life?


While every electric car battery ages and degrades with time, there are many ways it can get ruined and lose its life. So, if you are thinking about increasing the life of your EV car battery, you are in the right place. This guide shares all the noteworthy tips to prevent your electric car battery from early degradation. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Top 4 Tips To Extend Your EV Car’s Battery Life

Follow the given tips to safeguard your battery from extreme temperatures. Tips to extend the life of your EV battery.

1.     Avoid Using Fast Charging For Your EV Often

Fast charging offers a higher level of convenience when it comes to quick recharging of your EV battery. In case you want a quick recharge, you can rely on the fast chargers to refill the capacity within a few minutes.

However, fast charging passes a lot of current through the battery which puts a lot of strain on the cells. With this high stress, the life of your EV battery is decreased. So, it is advised to use standard charging for your EV and use fast charging in case of emergencies only. With this small step, you will see that your battery will live longer than usual.

2.     Minimize The Exposure To High Temperatures

Exposure of your EV to high temperatures comes with several risks. One of them is the reduced battery life of your electric vehicle. There is a temperature control system in your EV that controls the temperature of your EV automatically for optimum efficiency. It uses the battery power to regulate the overall temperature.

So, it is advised to avoid paring your EV in direct sunlight. When you park your car in the shade, the exposure to high temperatures will be reduced and the control system will not use battery power to regulate the temperature. In case, you cannot find a shade to park your car, plug your EV into a charger, so that the control system can use the grid power to control the temperature.

You can use your EV app to find nearby charging stations and points. For example, if you are working in Houston, you can type “charging stations Houston near me” in your app to find the locations of the charging stations.

3.     Manage The Charging Levels Of Your EV

You have to avoid consistently charging the battery to 100% or discharging it to 0% if you want to protect your EV battery for a longer period of time. This practice can easily stress your EV battery.

Many EVs have a “daily charge” mode that charges the battery to around 80% to balance capacity and extend battery life. Make sure that you reserve 100% charging of the EV when you wish to use the vehicle for its maximum range. Try to maintain the state of charge of your EV battery between 20% and 80%.

4.     Drive Your EV Smartly

When you drive your EV wisely, without driving at high speed, then you are preventing the battery from taking a lot of strain. High-speed driving consumes a lot of energy and adds a lot of stress to your battery pack. With moderate speed and smart driving, you can further extend the life and range of your EV battery.

The Bottom Line

An EV car’s battery is its fuel system and should be well-maintained for a prolonged life span. By adhering to all the points shared above, you can easily extend your EV car’s battery without any hassle. Also, rushing to charge your car should never be your go-to option otherwise your car’s battery life will vanish quickly.